Ivanka Trump Posts Congratulations on Father's Day and Incites a Twitter Storm

Ivanka Trump wished Donald Trump a Happy Father's Day and it earned her tons of criticism when she included politics in her message.

Ivanka, 37, took to Twitter on Sunday to share words of praise as she commemorated the day that she introduced her father as a presidential candidate in 2015. Half-sister Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr also celebrated their dad.

Ivanka accompanied her message with a photo of the 45th president and his wife Melania Trump as they prepared to officially announce the campaign. Ivanka also appears in the photo. The post is found below. 

It read: 

"Four years ago today, I introduced my father @realDonaldTrump when he launched a Campaign that would forever change America. Because of his courage, Americans are safer and more prosperous...and the best is yet to come! Happy Father's Day!" 

The comment section of the post was littered with those who oppose Donald's leadership, due in part to his character as well as to the results in his nearly four years of presidency.

People criticized both Ivanka and her father in various ways. Some people recalled the inappropriate comments Donald made about groping women due to his status. 

Others pointed out the controversial statements from Donald when he said he would date Ivanka if she wasn't his daughter. Donald has repeatedly described Ivanka's figure. 

In 2003 while on the "Howard Stern Show," he called her "one of the great beauties of the world." In 2004, he allowed Stern to call her "a piece of [expletive]." 

Again on the "Howard Stern Show" in 2006, he said that Ivanka "looks more voluptuous than ever" before mentioning her height (she's 5'11").  Other unconfirmed reports also hinted at bizarre sentiments about his daughter.

Below Ivanka's tweet, one person rebutted the president's adviser by asking, "Which Americans are safer and more prosperous?" Someone replied, "Billionaires." 

"You got the 'forever change America' part right. You just forgot to add 'for the worse,' " someone else remarked. Another person said an "impeachment" is the best that is yet to come. 

A previous tweet Ivanka posted for Father's Day showed her husband Jared Kushner walking alongside her father. She wished both of them Happy Father's Day and again got criticized. 

Another featured a simple white cake with just the word "DAD" on it and some white flowers. There was less hate in the comment section but she still wasn't spared in the simple post.

The backlash comes just over two weeks after Ivanka also got flack for her Memorial Day post. In it, she paid tribute to "fallen heroes who afforded us this freedom." 

Immediately, people touched on the fact that none of the Trump family served in the military. A picture of fireworks didn't help Ivanka's cause, appearing too celebratory for her followers. 

Kushner and their sons Theodore and Joseph looked up in the night sky as a beautiful set of fireworks burst through. "Unclear on the concept. This is a MEMORIAL day, not a celebration," Cyndi Kramer said.

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