Late Late Show with James Corden
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Michelle Obama Takes on James Corden in a Game of Dodgeball on 'The Late Late Show'

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 18, 2019
10:27 A.M.
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An all-female Team USA squared off against an all-male Team UK for a competitive game of dodgeball that will surely go down in the record books. 


The star-studded match was the main event of "The Late Late Show with James Corden" which aired from the UK on Monday night. A clip of the game is found below.

The hilarious host Corden used the game of dodgeball to determine once and for all which nation is the best: the United Kingdom or the United States. With none other than Michelle Obama as fellow team leader, the game got underway. 


On the US side were Allison Janney, Kate Hudson, Lena Waithe, Mila Kunis, and Kate Hudson. On the side of the UK were Benedict Cumberbatch, Corden, John Bradley, Harry Styles, and Reggie Watts. 

Michelle delivered a rousing motivational speech before the match: "When they go low — we also go low, because that's how dodgeball works, am I right?" They sang their respective anthems and then they were off.

Watts, an American, was the traitor of the game, and he paid dearly for it. He was taken out brutally in the first round and had to drag himself back to the stands. 


Styles was another star who received a ferocious blow, right in the genitals, in the first round. It allowed Michelle to wrap up the first round for the all-women team. 

The second round saw the ladies go down one by one, evening out the scoreboard between the two teams. Before the final round, Corden's team members went up to Michelle for autographs, compelling him to label all of them as traitors. 

Finally, the ladies captured the last round, settling the battle once and for all. The game was the jump-off for a special week-long segment of a London filming of "The Late Late Show." 


Michelle isn't the only Obama to get involved in sports recently. In late May, her husband Barack encouraged young baseball players when he made a surprise visit to Washington.

The former president showed up at the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy and was met with screams and unrelenting joy from his young fans. At one point, he joined in on a softball game of boys versus girls. 

Barack, 57, claimed his game was "raggedy," but the kids insisted on seeing him hit. He joined the girls' team after some prodding. The former commander-in-chief ended up hitting a double on his first pitch. 


Before leaving, Barack told the kids that he believed they were "going to do great things" and that they would "make a real difference." Clearly, the Obamas have a knack for great speeches. 

Michelle proved it again when she stopped in Nashville for the final leg of her "Becoming" book tour in mid-May. Joined by Stephen Colbert, the former First Lady spoke about her last few minutes in the White House. 

The beloved mother of two revealed that she refused to cry upon leaving the White House as some might think it was because of its new residents. She also discussed the principles imposed on her daughters by having them continue to do chores after the White House.


Michelle knows how to be so many things — a mother, a successful author, and the leader of a winning team. We look forward to seeing what she does next now that her tour is over and she's led an American team to victory.