Beth Chapman Shares a Rare Photo of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ with His Three Grandkids

Wife of reality TV star, Beth Chapman, posted a picture of her husband, Duane Dog Chapman with three of their grandkids to commemorate the fathers day celebration. The post left fans tripping over the family photo.

Beth Chapman, the co-mastermind of the reality TV series, ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ took to Instagram to share the family picture.

The picture featured Duane Chapman seated while holding the very adorable Chapman great grandbaby on his laps with his grandsons, Dakota Chapman seated on his right-hand side and Chobie Chapman on his left-hand side.

The photo was tagged;

“Was a great fathers’ day.”

Fans were too eager to wish the family of bounty hunters a happy fathers day as well.

A comment on the post referred to the set as “Four generations of bounty hunters.” Unsurprisingly, fans believe that Duane Dog is the coolest grandpa in the world.


The 2004 TV show titled ‘Dog the bounty hunter’ went live on A&E in a most spectacular manner. The series was striking because it was generally the first, and only unscripted series premiered at the time.

Also, the Chapman family hit the entertainment world with a style code, unlike any other. Braided blonde hair, leather clothing, bandana, camo-prints, and tattoos soon became their trademark, which made the family, as well as their life broadcast, become a hit shortly after.

According to Duane, the family’s bounty-hunting show business was his way of aiding in the reformation of criminals and fugitives, and to help turn their lives around. Being an ex-con himself, who was wrongly convicted, he remained best suited for the role. The show was taken off the screen in 2012 after eight action-filled seasons of the adrenaline-booster series.


Beth Chapman got diagnosed with a stage two throat cancer, five years after their show was cancelled. The TV star has since then been battling the condition with several harsh treatments.

The 51-year-old great grandmother has, however, refused to include chemotherapy to her cancer treatment regimen, saying that her diagnosis was the ultimate test of faith. A report by People quotes Beth to have implied that she was not undergoing chemo. She said:

“Chemotherapy is not my bag People. Sorry, that’s not for me. So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson.”


Like the strong family in the series, the Chapmans are holding strong despite their inside battle for Beth’s life. Following Beth’s revelation about her condition, the couple has been seen “roughing it up” in Hawaii, without a trace of being a disturbed family.

In January this year, the couple welcomed their first great-grandson, fathered by Dakota Chapman and more pictures of a happy looking Beth with the adorable baby flooded the internet.

Right when the family is expected to hit their endurance limit, Duane Chapman shocks the world with a new series titled “Dog’s Most Wanted,” and Beth features in the show, alongside the other Chapman crew.

Beth unarguably has found an inner will power to defy medical odds since embracing her faith, and she never fails to show it.

Late last year, she had undergone surgery after experiencing breathing difficulty and was adamant about leaving the hospital soon after, regardless of the doctor’s opinion that she was not fit enough to be discharged.

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