Fans Debate Whether La La Anthony Should Accept Carmelo's Alleged Daughter

Now that Carmelo and LaLa Anthony are back together, fans are urging them to acknowledge the basketball star's alleged love child. 

LaLa and Carmelo are now openly back together after splitting for two years, and this meant people sharing their thoughts about whether or not they should acknowledge his child with a woman named Mia Angel Burke. 

While some people believe that LaLa shouldn't be obligated to accept the child and anything involving her husband's alleged affair, but there are also some who believe the child should not be punished for something her parents did. 

A debate on the child

Fans of the couple are now debating whether the couple should welcome the child with open arms, or if they should just stay out of the whole ordeal, especially since it's a constant reminder of Carmelo's infidelity. There are also some that say LaLa did her part by calling off their divorce as she tried to forgive her husband.

However, there are also some people who believe LaLa is hindering Carmelo from being a part of his daughter's life.

Taking back the divorce plans

In 2017, LaLa Anthony filed for divorce from the New York Knicks star after he allegedly cheated on her. This alleged affair put the ultimate strain on their seven-year marriage, and people were heartbroken with the news. She made sure to stay visible during that time, showing off that she took off her wedding ring and acknowledged mature co-parenting during an interview she had that same year. As for how their son felt, she said: 

“[Kiyan feels everything] is totally, totally normal. We made a commitment to create an environment so he is happy and smiling.”

After two years, the Anthonys called off the divorce, and are working towards a strengthened relationship. They first made a statement as a reunited couple at the Winter Wonderland holiday charity event in the Bronx on December, where they announced that they were trying to make their relationship work. 

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