June 21, 2019

Father and Son from Viral 'Conversation' Video Featured in an Adorable Commercial

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DJ Pryor and his son, Kingston, become an internet sensation after having a full-on discussion together, now the father-son duo are starring in a cute commercial.

DJ and Kingston were picked to star in Denny's Father's Day commercial recently. The beloved pair are seen sitting at a Denny's booth.

“I think sometimes we’re just in disbelief on just how fast it has grown. My husband didn’t even know I had posted it.”


In the adorable ad, the stand-up comedian tells his child:

"I think it's perfect that we came here to have a booth chat just amongst father and son, right?"

Meanwhile, Kingston keeps himself occupied with bendy straws. DJ continues:

"What I brought you here is to find out what's going in your life. What's going in your life, huh?"


As babies tend to do, Kingston at that point starts to jabber. DJ then hugs his boy and says:

"Thank you for bringing daddy here. I appreciate you. Is that your grand finale? Because you buttered me up."

Check out the adorable commercial below:


DJ and Kingston stole America's hearts for having a full-on conversation during an episode of a TV series.

Filmed by DJ’s wife, Shanieke Pryor, the viral clip shows the father and son hanging out on a couch in front of a television and respond to the scene even though baby Kingston doesn't know how to talk yet. 

While DJ reacts as though they have their very own secret language, the child focuses on the TV and babbles.


In the clip, DJ can be seen replying with phrases like "That's exactly what I was thinking!" and "Really? I thought the same thing!"

The video accumulated over 17 million views and over 100,000 comments in less than 24 hours. Many people are commenting on how cute and pure their interaction is.


In an interview with The Leaf Chronicle, DJ and Shanieke uncovered that the video was shot a month ago before it went viral. According to the couple, they never thought it would become famous online. Shanieke said:

“It’s just been crazy. I think sometimes we’re just in disbelief on just how fast it has grown. My husband didn’t even know I had posted it.”

DJ added that he thinks Kingston is very much aware of his freshly discovered fame.