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Danny Glover and Ta-Nehisi Coates Speak at House Slavery Reparations Hearing

Oyin Balogun
Jun 23, 2019
06:32 A.M.
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Hollywood's Danny Glover, and author, Ta-Nehisi Coates spoke up concerning reparations for slavery in the course of a congressional hearing.


Both men happen to be African-American, so it was no surprise that issues of compensating and commending the efforts of the  African slaves in America will not be waved aside when the need for it to be discussed arises.


The sensitivity of the issue stems from the contributions of the African slaves into building a formidable nation, in terms of their active participation in industries such as agriculture, and so on.

An Instagram upload signified the intricacies of the meetings held by a subcommittee in honor of Juneteenth.  

The post seemingly outlined the cause of the theme, with an adequate description of what it stood for.


@shadeseroom captioned a post with the description:

"#Roommates, as we celebrate Juneteenth, we are reminded of the hurt and pain our ancestors endured as slaves people. However, celebs are speaking out on behalf of the culture! According to @USAtoday, a House subcommittee is taking a hearing on Juneteenth, to discuss reparation for slavery. The idea of restoring what was taken from the Africans American community during the era of the slave trade. But this is not the first time legislation would have taken it seriously… Is reportedly set to discuss legislation that would create a commission to study the history of slavery and the lasting."


While the movement by Danny and Coates seem well appreciated, both men stop at nothing to push for the reparations for slavery, as this is not the first time the ball is rolling for the cause.

The men delved their claws deep in a bill (H.R.40) "Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-American Act." The details of the law are to set up a group of like-minded individuals to oversee the adequate allocation of funds for reparation measures.


Coates, in his publication "The Case for Reparation," set the topic up for discussion, after he expressed arguably about what America's condition will be without the efforts of the slaves.

The author went up against  Mr. McConnell, a Republican, who stated that there was no significance to the reparation cause because it happened years ago and that it was not the fault of the current generation.

He continued by discussing the fact that other measures of setting things right have been met. With the election of a black President, fighting a civil war, and even passing of civil rights have all right the wrongs.


Danny stated that he was the former great-grandson of a freed slave, and he continued to advance for reparations for slavery. Another Republican, Mike Johnson, opposed the idea and he termed this movement as "unconstitutional racial preference."

A series of Democrats have cosponsored the bill. Cory Booker, who gave in to the motion of the passage of the law, expressed his discontentment and frustration on the issue and even linked it to white supremacy and racism.

The house seems to face as much opposition as its support, but the proponents do not seem to be resting on their oars!