Source: YouTube/TheVoice
Source: Source: YouTube/TheVoice

Maelyn Jarmon, Winner of 'The Voice,' and Sarah McLachlan Perform 'Angel'

Odette Odendaal
Jun 21, 2019
10:44 A.M.
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The season finale of “The Voice” turned into a big night for Maelyn Jarmor, who got crowned the winner and performed a breathtaking duet with Sarah McLachlan.


On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, John Legend got his first team-Legend win on “The Voice” when Maelyn got crowned champion.


A fan favorite early on in the competition, Maelyn teamed up with Sarah McLachlan during the finale show for a performance of Sarah’s song “Angel,” which appeared on the soundtrack of the 1998 tearjerker “City of Angels.”

The 26-year-old never let anything hold her back from following her dreams, not even the hearing impairment that left her permanently deaf in her right ear.


Born with normally functioning ears, Maelyn had constant ear infections as a baby. Doctors inserted tubes to help combat the infections, but it led to permanent damage.

Maelyn embraces her impairment, and since the show started, she connected with many fans who face similar struggles.

But as she stood next to Sarah McLachlan on stage while their voices blended perfectly in duet, the only thing one saw, is her talent and how beautiful she looked in the long flowing white dress.


The evening marked the end of the 16th season of the show, during which Maelyn dominated with renditions of “Mad World,” and “The Scientist.”

She did her coach, John Legend, proud. With it being John’s first season as coach, the rookie kicked dust in the eyes of team Shelton. While Blake Shelton is the most successful coach, his singers got placed second for Gyth Rigdon, third for Dexter Roberts, and fourth place to Andrew Sevener.


But to winner Maelyn the show had been dreamlike. “This journey with John has been incredible, it’s been a dream,” the Texan told USA Today. “This has gone above and beyond my expectations. … I owe it to everyone who voted and streamed my songs.”

Born in Frisco, Texas, Maelyn started taking voice lessons at the age of thirteen. Recognizing her talent, her parents encouraged her to try Broadway four years later. When Maelyn agreed, they moved to New York City where the then-17-year-old, gave theater her best shot.


After Maelyn turned twenty-one, she decided to step away from Broadway according to her bio, and focus on creating original music.

Her win on “The Voice” certainly meant a lot for her career. However, soon after the results got released, viewers reacted to the news.

While Maelyn’s win got well received by many, other viewers were less pleased with the outcome and didn’t hesitate to state their reasons.