John Legend Changes Son's Diapers to Support 'Squat for Change' Dads Around the World

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 25, 2019
05:13 P.M.
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John Legend teamed up with Pampers and several other dads who all changed their kids' pampers in odd places to spread awareness of the need for a change. 


After a picture of a Jacksonville father squatting in a bathroom went viral, dads around the world banded together to demand that changing rooms be placed in men's bathrooms.

Pampers listened, and when they partnered with the singer John Legend, the awareness of men's plight spread like the stench of a toddler with a stinky behind. 

Legend, 40, shares two children with his model wife Chrissy Teigen. Their youngest, Miles, is just over a year old and was the star of a Pampers commercial Legend did back in February


Months later, Legend and Pampers joined with Koala Kare and announced that they would be installing 5,000 changing tables in men's public restrooms. This will get rid of the challenge that fathers face whenever they're forced to do "stinky booty duty" in public. 

The changing tables will be placed throughout the United States and Canada. Speaking to People, Legend shared that he hasn't been spared the nearly impossible task of having to find somewhere to change his children's pampers. His example was in airplanes. 


He also pointed out how the initiative would encourage the "movement that we recognize [the] duties of parenting and running the house should be shared more equally between partners." 

Another video in June showed as Legend attempted to change a fidgety Miles on a counter. "I call this the Piano Solo," he said. Other fathers described their kids' positions as the "co-pilot," the "laptop" and the "tailgate."


The Pampers video went on to show the lack of changing stations in men's restrooms. It referred back to the viral picture that started it all, which also began the use of hashtag #SquatForChange.

After Legend announces in the clip that they would be installing 5,000 changing stations, he urged people to use the hashtag #LoveTheChange and to share videos of them bonding with their kids to spread more awareness. 


The project is set to be completed by 2021. So far, the response has been positive from both genders. One man reminded others that "men must never think care work is only for women." 

A woman shared how her husband was once forced to use a tire rack at Sears to change their son. Another man told a story of when he changed his son on a restaurant table, inspiring management to install a changing table soon after. 

Someone else hoped that it becomes the new normal to have changing tables in men's bathrooms. The action not only speaks to changing diapers, but to a wider desire that men take up just as much responsibility in caring for their children.