'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Gives an Update on Beth Chapman's Condition

On Saturday, Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman was rushed to a hospital amid her cancer battle. Now it seems some publications are falsely reporting on her health.

Beth Chapman, 51, was placed in a medically induced coma after being rushed to ICU at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. Since then there hasn’t been any solid update on her condition


However, some publications have claimed that her condition was "touch and go" and "very grave." These reports prompted her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, 66, to call them out.

Duane and Beth Chapman | Photo: Getty Images

Duane and Beth Chapman | Photo: Getty Images

He took to Twitter writing

“90% of what you’re hearing is fake news. I don’t mean to be nasty but some are filling in the blanks. @wgnamerica  will be releasing an accurate update soon. Please keep prayers coming!”

A fan with the handle ‏@GSwagsta replied to Duane’s post stating: “Sending love to you all, will only believe what's released by you. Love you all … come on Beth.” Someone with the handle @babygirlindy added: “Thank you Dog so much for keeping us well I formed when you are able to do so. I don't believe anything that doesn't come directly from the source. My heart, thoughts and prayers with you, beautiful Beth and the whole family…”


The Chapman family initially revealed Beth’s condition by releasing a statement to Hawaii News Now. The family also pleaded with fans by “humbly ask[ing] everyone to please pray for Beth."

They shared their appreciation to people writing "sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers throughout Beth’s battle with cancer.” Afterwards, Beth’s husband tweeted asking people for prayers, thanking them, and sending his love.


The following day Beth's daughter Bonnie gave her own update on her Instagram Story. She informed fans that she didn’t have much of an update to give but that her mother was being well cared for.

She also shared an image of medical equipment verifying that her mother was, indeed, in the hospital. On Tuesday, Duane tweeted an image of Beth’s arm in restraints and showing that she was in a hospital bed.


Reports state that the reality star had to be placed under mild sedation when she arrived at the hospital after suffering from a “choking emergency.” She was then put into a coma because she was apparently agitated and pulling out the hospital tubes used to give her fluids and medication.

In September 2017, Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer but two months later she was declared cancer-free. Then in November last year, she had to be rushed to a hospital again after experiencing a blockage in her throat.

Doctors then later determined that the disease had returned.

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