Willow Smith Loves Men and Women 'Equally' but Finds Monogamy 'Inhibiting'

On Jada Smith’s recent Facebook Red Table Talk episode, her daughter Wilow expressed her desire to be a part of a polyamorous relationship. This means having relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of everyone involved.

It’s not every day you hear a daughter asking her mother if she’s ever been in a threesome, but that’s just how open the Pinkett-Smith family is. They talk about anything and everything, and this has helped in the way they’ve formed mature relationships with one another.

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Willow's Interest in Polyamory

According to Jada, her daughter Willow has been studying the topic of polyamory and nontraditional relationships for quite a while now.

"I couldn't see myself in a quadruple, I mean, anything could happen. Personally, male and female, that's all I need."

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While Jada encourages her daughter to explore and find what works for her, her grandmother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, says that the thought of her granddaughter being in a nontraditional relationship makes her feel uncomfortable.

“I love men and women equally. So I would definitely want one man and one woman.”

On Monogamous Relationships

At 18 years old, Willow is definitely mature for her age. In fact, last year, she revealed that she would not be content with a monogamous relationship.

Jada first asked her daughter how teenagers currently think about monogamy. Willow responded that it definitely wouldn’t work for her.

“That feeling of ‘you’re my one and my only, there’s no one else’ for me, that would not work.”

It seems a year later, that’s still how Willow feels, and she is keen on having a polygamous relationship in the future.

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