Boris Kodjoe Shares Rare Pic with Look-Alike Son & Life Advice to His 'Young King'

Aby Rivas
Jun 30, 2019
08:00 A.M.
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Boris Kodjoe is teaching his son Nicolas how to navigate through life with kindness and moral integrity, as he recently revealed in a heartfelt Instagram post.


Boris Kodjoe and wife Nicole Ari Parker are the proud parents of two kids: daughter Sophie Tei-Naaki Lee, 14, and son Nicolas Neruda, 12.


In a recent Instagram pic shared by Kodjoe, the “Code Black” star posed side to side with his look-alike son at the border of a pool. Although young Nicolas and his green eyes are the focus of the picture, the resemblance between the two is visible despite the blurriness of Boris on the photo.


On his caption, Kodjoe took the chance to send his son, and everyone reading, a heartfelt message about raising a “young black king” in a world filled with judgment and malice.


“This is your world, young king,” he started. “It’s a world full of beauty and wonders, a world full of love and light. But it’s also a world of a few ignorant people who do not value young black kings.”

“That’s why I’m showing you how to love and value yourself, how to carry yourself with pride and confidence, kindness, and moral integrity. And I want you to know that I’ll always keep my eye on you. Always.”



Boris’ words resonated with many of his followers, who filled the comment section with their thoughts about the picture and the message.

“This is such a proud moment teaching your child Realistic Ideals of life and what True LoVe looks and feels like LoVe LuV it,” wrote one user.


Another added, “True father. Present. Interested. Engaged. Salute.”

And a third one took the chance to share their concerns:

“Thanks a lot, I know exactly what you mean, I am concerned. Got also a wonderful son like you. Struggling a lot but always worth to strengthen their self-confidence. I am grateful that we are never alone. God bless you and your family.”




Growing up with divorced parents, Boris learned from a young age how important it is for kids to have a paternal figure for inspiration, guidance, and support. And that’s precisely the role he’s playing in his kids’ lives.

“The only thing that I can do for my kids is to love them unconditionally, to give them all of the attention that they need, and to instill a sense of confidence in them,” he said to Rolling Out a few years ago.


“That’s all I’m there to do … nothing else. So that’s the main focus of my life. Once I achieve that, then I’m good. My legacy is there, and I’ll just be there to watch them grow, develop, and spread their wings and fly. So, that’s all I’m focused on.”



Boris and Nicole, who met in the set of “Soul Food,” have been happily married for over a decade, which is a long time in the entertainment industry.

For Ari Parker, the key to a successful marriage is commitment. She believes that a powerful partnership is being able to look at the other person and know that no matter the hardships they go through, they will come out on the other side with joy.


“Everyone wants to run if you have one argument, one misstep, or one mistake. But if you commit to going through the desert, so to speak, it’s so good on the other side,” she told Madame Noire.

She also advises women not to lose their flirty side even after a routine has been set up in a marriage. It’s easy to fall into a roommate situation where a couple is sharing a house, taking care of bills, jobs, and the kids, but, she says, “if you remember that this person is your boo, you keep it fun.”

“I always say, the minute you find your husband, make him your boyfriend,” Ari Parker concluded.