AGT Fans Debate over Lamont Landers' ‘Stinky Attitude’

27-year-old Lamont Landers impressively got through his first audition on America's Got Talent show, but some fans are not having any of this as they get into an online brawl over his "Stinky Attitude!

"Pride always goes before a fall," but not in the case of the Alabama native. Lamont auditioned for the TV show and got four yeses from all the judges.

At the genesis of his audition, one of the judges, Simon Cowell, stopped his act, he felt his song choice was "safe." The singer's first two song choices were Marvin Gaye's "What's going on,"  and Al Greene's "Let's Stay Together." Simon halted his performances by letting him know how poorly he did with the selection of the song. In his words:

"Your problem is that you don't take risks."

Conversely, Simon's observation was met by a defensive Lamont who waded off the comment with nonchalance. The chap shrugged, and the show's judge noticed this and responded to it by commenting on the behaviour, and giving him a third chance!  According to him:

"Lamont, I wouldn't shrug to that, I wouldn't. So you want to come back this afternoon? It's not me; it's you."

The contestant wasn't having any of this, as he boldly walked down the stage to ask for the audience' opinion! Simon felt somewhat disrespected with this act and decided to call him to order. In the end, the judge gave him yet a third chance but added in his closing remarks:

"Don't be cocky." 

The singer's third attempt to wow the judges alongside his audiences was fruitful, after much ranting backstage on how tediously he's had to rehearse.

Lamont came with a blast in his last performance, and bang! swept all four judges away. This time Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel and of course, Simon Cowell all gave their acceptance for his talent. Simon may have noticed his efforts and applauded his courage, but the viewers at home thought differently.

Some bickered about the producer's preference for the contestant with the number of times he allowed him to deliver his act; others held the judge's observation credible.

Whichever the response was from home, the good thing for Lamont is that he got through his first stage,  we hope he scales through subsequently. The young artist also apologized for his "stinky attitude" earlier on.

It may seem hard to impress the judges, but coming out on such a platform, one needs to bring on a show-stopping performance.

That was precisely what 25-year-old Ben Trigger did. The gay dancer triggered all four yeses from the judges, with his humorous performance and even hit the golden buzzer himself! Yeah right, although he didn't get a golden buzzer from anyone on the panel, as they say, you want something done right, do it yourself!

Hopefully, Lamont continues to deliver an impressive performance, and maybe, just maybe, everyone might like him!

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