John Singleton's Mom Allegedly Responds after His Ex Slams BET Awards Tribute

John Singleton's ex-girlfriend called out BET for its lackluster tribute to for the late director in comparison to the one they gave slain rapper Nipsey Hussle. Singleton's mother doesn't agree.

Two women close to John Singleton are at odds regarding BET’s tribute to the late director. While Singleton’s ex-girlfriend Tosha Lewis thinks it was a disappointment, his mother, Sheila Ward doesn’t share the opinion.

Following the recently concluded BET Awards which paid tribute to two important men the industry lost this year, Singleton and Nipsey Hussle, the former’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his 26-year-old daughter expressed her dismay over the disparity between Hussle’s tribute and Singleton's. 

"I guess he’s trendy nevermind John was talking and doing the same stuff as Nipsey since the 90’s.”

Lewis took to social media and bashed the awards show by writing,

“So BET cab take the time to honor Nipsey Hussle and not John Singleton? They’re whole movie line up are John Singleton movies. His movies are in the BEY commercial. They never featured anything Nipsey, but I guess he’s trendy nevermind John was talking and doing the same stuff as Nipsey since the 90’s.”

Though many supported Lewis’ opinion, Singleton’s mother wasn’t one of them. Following Lewis’ comments, Ward spoke to TMZ and made it clear that Lewis wasn’t speaking for her family so leave them out of it. 

During BET’s tribute to Hussle, his whole family took the stage including his girlfriend Lauren London who spoke along with the slain rapper’s mother, grandmother, and father. This was an issue for Lewis who claims none of the “Snowfall” director’s family members were even invited to the event. 

While she may have a point, it was later learned that her daughter, Justice was actually invited. It’s unclear why she didn’t attend but it may also have something to do with the internal issues among Singleton’s family members who are battling over his estate

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