Heartfelt Moment Butterfly Sits on Father-of-the-Groom's Finger during a Tribute to Late Daughter

Goosebumps! A wedding in Pennsylvania had a heartfelt moment when a butterfly perched on the  groom's father's finger during a tribute to his late daughter.

There's a belief that butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of life, and guests at a wedding in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, got to witness how true it is.

Photographer, Jessica Manns, who covered the wedding of Max Van Gorder to Lydia, shared the heartfelt moment a butterfly perched on the finger of Max’s father while paying tribute to his late sister, Vanessa Van Gorder.

In the Facebook post, Manns revealed that Vanessa died in a tragic car crash during the holiday season a few years ago. 

Describing it as the most heartfelt thing she has ever witnessed at a wedding, the photographer explained that the groom’s parents wanted to remember their daughter by releasing monarch butterflies in her honor before the couple exchanged vows.

Manns noted that they believed that deceased loved ones visit as butterflies, and the most spectacular thing was the fact that they did not fly off as expected.

The butterflies stayed attached to the groom families and some of the guests and clung to the gown of the bride and her bouquet as she walked down the aisle.

Throughout the ceremony and into the speeches at the barn where they held the reception, Manns wrote that the colorful winged creatures remained, and stayed on the groom’s father’s finger during the ceremony.

The post went viral, garnering over ninety thousand reactions, and several comments like “Unreal,” “Amazing,” and “Absolutely beautiful.”

The bride, Lydia, speaking about the special moment, said Vanessa was with them all through the ceremony and thanked Manns for capturing every loving and touching moment of the wedding.

Apart from butterflies, birds equally hold a special meaning to different people who see them as a representation of someone they lost or as a message from the universe.

Ophelia Gadalayne saw the red Cardinals that flew on her father's fence as a representation of her grandfather, who passed away saying goodbye to her dad.

According to Ophelia, the Cardinals went from the fence to her dad's hand, perched on it, and stared at him for a moment and flew away. She noted that the birds were her granddad’s favorite colonies and returned several times repeating the same thing.

The act cemented her belief, as it did for Vanessa's family that certain creatures are symbolic.

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