Recent Pics of Lisa Marie Presley's Twin Daughters Show an Uncanny Resemblance to Elvis

The King’s only daughter’s striking resemblance to her late father has been noted in the past, but he has proven to have strong genes, now that even his youngest grand-daughters are starting to look so much like him.

51-year-old Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of Elvis Presley, a product of his marriage to Priscilla from 1967 to 1973, and she grew up to have four children of her own, all of them showing an impressive likeness to the Rock and Roll icon.

While the singer’s only grandson, 26-year-old Benjamin Keough is the only one who could pass for Elvis’ twin, being his only male descendant, his younger half-sisters have also drawn attention recently because of their likeness to the star.

10-year-old twins Harper and Finley Lockwood are the two daughters Lisa Marie shares with her fourth husband musician Michael Lockwood, from whom she has been separated for two years, having filed for divorce in 2016.

On June 20, Lisa Marie shared a rare black and white picture of herself posing alongside her four children during what seems to be her actress daughter Riley’s 30th birthday celebration in late May.

“Mama Lion with cubs," Lisa Marie captioned the family snapshot, prompting some fans to express how much of Elvis, who passed away in 1977 aged 42, they see in his daughter and great-children.

“Wow Elvis had some extremely strong Genes! Long live The King!” a user tweeted in response.  “The girl on left [Finley] bears resemblance to your dad too,” another user added.

“Sorry, Internet, Harper’s more of a “lookalike” than Ben,” commented another of Lisa Marie’s fans.

Harper and Finley might seem to not only have inherited their grandfather’s looks but his love for singing, something that they also have in common with Lisa Marie who followed her father’s steps and became a recording artist too.

For Riley’s birthday on May 30, Lisa Marie revealed in a tweet that the twins and herself had recorded a cover of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” to pay tribute to the “American Honey” actress, who was visibly touched when she listened to the little girls sing.

While in the above-mentioned family picture Lisa Marie and her twins look like they don’t have a worry in this life, the mother-of-four is still in the middle of a custody battle with Harper and Finley’s father, Michael with whom she married in 2006.

After Lisa Marie filed for full custody of the twins, the court ordered psychological evaluations for both girls, with child psychologist Mary Elizabeth Lund appointed to perform the full-scale evaluation.

Through interviews with the twins themselves and their siblings, teachers and adult relatives they usually interact with to determine how the sisters are dealing with the difficult situation.

Lisa Marie has also opened up recently about her opioid addiction, which she developed after being prescribed painkillers following her delivery of twins. She also admitted to have spent the entire fortune she inherited from her father.

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