Tori and Zach Roloff Reveal Little Jackson's Independent Soul in a Cute Behind-the-Scenes Video

Behind the scenes of ‘Little People, Big World’ stars Tori and Zach Roloff reveal how their son Jackson is an independent soul. 

In a video uploaded by TLC on 28th January, Tori and Zach talked about the pumpkin season and what they would do on the farm.

The couple shared the tight schedule that the Roloff Family would have during the pumpkin season with the people coming in. 

Their 2-year-old son Jackson was the center of attraction in the Roloff farm. Tori shared how she gets worried when Jackson wandered around with the guests, saying:

“Like I get it, people love Jackson and  wanna like, you know (Pick him up maybe) but it’s still just kinda like scary as a mom to just let your kid like, wander around with all these people here so.”

The stars expressed how everyone, from family members to the employees, was keeping an eye on Jackson, who was on a roaming spree during the season.

The tight surveillance was great but caused great, embarrassing confusion. 

Tori’s mother, who isn’t on the show often, was visiting during pumpkin season and upon seeing her grandson, she ran towards him and scooped him off the ground. 

At the very moment an employee named Jody, who was sitting across the merchandise bar, screamed “Put him down!” at Tori’s mom.

Thankfully, Tori was nearby and explained to him that it was his grandma and not a kidnapper.

Regarding Jackson’s independent soul, his parents said that he preferred to be left alone and he could wander all day if allowed.

The practice of letting him play around without restrictions (In a safe place) probably contributed to his wanderlust. 

“We set him outside the car and he can just walk, and do whatever,” Zach said in the video

“And there’s no like ‘Don’t touch that’, or ‘don’t touch this',” Tori added.

The couple is expecting a baby girl in the family soon and she could also get the same wandering habit. Seeing Tori’s and her baby bump’s picture shot in the woods, the new one might be a fan of camping.  

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