Meghan McCain Honors Late Father by Wearing a 'Big Bad John McCain' Top on the 4th of July

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jul 05, 2019
10:49 P.M.
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Meghan McCain remembered her father on Thursday's Fourth of July with a t-shirt that called him "Big Bad John." They would be sold at a celebration hosted by Donald Trump.


Meghan never refrains from honoring her late father and former senator John McCain and this week's holiday was no different. "Happy Independence Day!" she began her Thursday post. 

She shared two photos of herself wearing a white t-shirt with the warship named "USS John S McCain" printed in red on it. In the first shot, Meghan pointed at the shirt as she held her mouth open. 


The second was one of Meghan tugging slightly on the shirt as she looked down. "Who's afraid of "Big Bad John McCain"?! she asked in the caption. She then thanked the two organizations, VoteVets and Rags of Honor USA, that created the shirts. 

She added: 

"Couldn’t figure out what to wear today and this is perfect. Anyone who wants one - they will be handing these babies out at Trump’s 4th of July celebration here in DC!"


Of course, President Donald Trump is not a fan of the late John McCain, so the t-shirts are somewhat controversial. Back in May, the warship was spotted just behind Trump when he visited a Japanese naval base. 

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the soldiers were hoping to have the ship moved out of the president's sight because of how he feels about the former senator. 


Trump has made numerous remarks about the late senator, many of which Meghan has responded to. She promptly addressed the warship incident, apparently believing it to be Trump or his team's doing despite the president's denial of knowing about it.

Meghan described the president as "a child who will always be deeply threatened by the greatness of my dad's incredible life." Regarding the frequency with which she talks about her dad, she pointed to Trump, who does the same, compelling her to "stand up for" her father. 


The Fourth of July Washington celebration is also being criticized for being made into a political matter by the President. Many said that it instead should be touted as a partisan holiday.

VoteVets chairman Jon Soltz reiterated the words of the late John McCain who reportedly said that "this nation is bigger than just one man." The organization helped create the shirts to honor the "legacy" John left behind.


As for Rags of Honor, who assisted further by providing jobs to homeless veterans through the t-shirt creation, the founder insisted that John gave "more to this country than most." 

In encouraging persons to wear the shirt, he said

"By tonight, when Trump is forcing people to celebrate him, we would LOVE everyone to make #McCain4th trend, to honor a family who sacrificed and served in the military for the idea of a country bigger than themselves."