Watch Serena Williams' Daughter Show Her Speed in US Women's Soccer Team Jersey

She’s the daughter of tennis legend Serena Williams, and Olympia Ohanian is proving to be every inch the sports enthusiast in a recent video as she showed her love for soccer.

We already know little Olympia is a tennis star in the making and that she has a thing (sort of) for football, but the 22-month-old displayed her interest in soccer following the United States women’s soccer team victory.

The US team defeated the Netherlands on Sunday to retain their title as the FIFA Women’s World Cup champions and among the many celebrating that win was Miss Olympia.

The toddler’s dad, tech mogul Alexis Ohanian, took to Twitter after the game with a short clip of Olympia wearing a US women’s soccer team jersey and sprinting barefoot across the room with a wide grin on her face.


In the caption, Alexis gave fans a hint of where his little girl was running to:

“Congratulations @uswnt! Bringing home a #WorldCup title for an unprecedented four straight times & inspiring a generation of women (and men) around the world. One little girl in particular is currently outside practicing.”

The US team has now won the Women’s World Cup in 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019.


Olympia, who Serena and Alexis welcomed in September 2017, has always shown an interest in sports and activity.

As early as three months old, the adorable tot enjoyed being held by her dad in a position that mimicked NFL moves; in a video shared by Alexis, Olympia certainly didn’t mind her father using her for some “baby football.”


Last December, fans also got to see a 15-month-old Olympia cheering her mother and aunt Venus Williams as the two legends played against each other during an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi.

Following every move on the court, Olympia cheered for every point, whether it was by her mom or aunt.

Then, in April, Serena, 37, filled us in on some “history in the making” when she shared footage of Olympia having fun with tennis rackets. The tot’s “session” involved running into the closet to get one of her mom’s rackets, banging it on the floor in an outer room, and repeating the process all over again.

Only last month, Olympia and Serena had a pool playdate with singer Ciara and her daughter Sienna, proving that water sports aren’t out of the question either.

Although many would no doubt love to see Olympia follow in her G.O.A.T mom’s footsteps, Serena is not so enthusiastic about having her daughter play tennis.


Last year, she told USA Today that she wouldn’t want Olympia to live under pressure:

“I don’t know. It’s a lot of work. Plus, I mean, I don’t want her to have pressure from what I did, you guys (the media) talking about, ‘Are you going to be able to do as good as your mom?' I don’t want her to have that.”

The 23-time Grand Slam Singles champion, who was already a tennis pro by 14, will instead have Olympia follow her passion.

“I think it will be interesting to see what she gravitates to,” Serena added. “I really don’t know. Ice skating could be fun. She’ll probably be really tall.”

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