Todd and Julie Chrisley Try to Figure out the Meaning of a Message on Grayson's Phone (Video)

Tuesday’s episode of “Chrisley Knows Best” showed the star family of the Chrisleys having a hilarious rendezvous around the kitchen table.

The confused parents made funny faces as they tried to figure out the meaning of an emoji-filled message on Grayson’s phone, and once again, Nanny Faye came to their rescue.


Reality show stars, Todd and Julie of the series, “Chrisley Knows Best” had a difficult time on Tuesday while trying to decode a secret message Julie found on their son, Grayson’s phone. The episode featured the hilarious pair having a not-so-lucky moment in their attempt to decode the emoji brouhaha.

Todd had a crease on his face as he got a closer look at the message which he eventually referred to as a series of pictures. The stars thrilled us with more funny faces and comments in their futile attempt to interpret the text, with the clueless father inferring that a pizza slice emoji was actually bread.


After having a good laugh at the couple, Nanny Faye finally asked to have a try, saying that she loved some detective work. The reluctant parents handed the phone to the nanny, who deciphered the message with little effort. The pair looked on in disbelieve as Nanny read:

“You see, just got pizza want to play ball… Play basketball.”


Right after nanny’s genius interpretation, Savanna joined the group in the kitchen and got her chance to give the emoji quest a try. She did, and her translation was flawless, to everyone’s amazement.

“Want to meet up and play video games and basketball?” Savanna read out loud.

This sent Grayson’s dad into a fit, as he wondered why his teenage son did not just spell out the message.


The teenager’s response to the coded text was a “tougher” nut to crack. Not even the combined genius of Nanny and Savanna could decipher it conveniently. The elderly nanny however offered a suggestion.

“Honey, do you want to meet up with me and put some salt on it?” She said, referring to the hands-down emoji, a bee and then a salt shaker the teenage boy included as his reply.

This is not the first time Nanny has saved the day on the reality family series. On a June episode of the series, Todd revealed that he thought their son, Grayson was keeping a secret from him. The concerned father shared his fears with his wife, who made the same observation.

They confided in Nanny, and she advised them to give the teenager some space and let him come to them when he was ready. True to her words, the teenager eventually confessed to his father that he may or may not have a girlfriend.

That revelation was such a relief for the concerned parents who came out from experience with an invaluable lesson on the importance of giving kids some space. 

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