Cecily Chapman Resembles Late Mom Beth in a Recent Photo

Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily posted a photo wearing a black dress and wide-brimmed hat and fans couldn't get over how much she resembled her late mom.

Cecily Chapman took to Instagram a day after her mother's Colorado memorial service and shared pictures taken from the event as she stood outside with friends. 

The 26-year-old was captured in a seemingly candid shot taken by a male friend who was at the forefront of the photo. Behind him, Cecily looked towards the camera with one hand resting on her head.

On the other hand, she held up a small tote bag and her phone. She wore a sleeveless black dress that came down to her knees and wore her long locks out. 

Followers couldn't help but notice that not only did Cecily give off her mother's fashion sense, but also that she looks just like her at first glance of the picture. 

"You look like your mommy very beautiful!" said one commenter named Susana Lopez, who received 76 likes. Another admitted, "Wow Cecily I totally saw your mom in you at 1st glance!!" 

Photo: Instagram/ CecilyBeezee

Photo: Instagram/ CecilyBeezee

Janice Howell called Cecily her "Momma's mini me..." before sending prayers her way. Meanwhile, a Mrs Lowe suggested that Cecily wore her mother's clothes and hat in tribute of Beth. 

The bounty hunter passed away on June 26 at age 51 after succumbing to throat cancer and refusing to take chemotherapy treatment for it. Since then, her family and tons of fans have been grieving. 

Cecily is not holding back from honoring her mother in all ways she can, and fans think its the sweetest thing. In early July, she posted a photo along with the caption, "My heart is so heavy she was so amazing, I was so lucky...." 

The photo featured Beth's manicured nails which were adorned with a colorful design as they rested on a steering wheel. The following day, Cecily shared photos of her own manicured nails done at the same salon her mother reportedly had hers done shortly before her death. 

Cecily went with a pink-based French manicure adorned with forest green rhinestones. "Cried the whole time but it was totally worth it," she wrote in the caption. 

Again, fans were quick to point out the similarities between her hands and Beth's, who loved getting her nails done and wore almost the exact same style just before she passed. 

Last week, Cecily again remembered her mother with a photo of Beth standing at a viewpoint that overlooked the Hawaiian islands. Her pet dog stood up looking at her as Beth smiled down at it. 

"Only if I could have her back," the caption read. Cecily also shared a post on the Fourth of July that featured her mom sporting a patriotic outfit from past celebrations of the holiday. 

Wearing her signature blonde locks out, Beth had on a white blouse and a red pencil skirt. She wore a flag-themed scarf and large sunglasses to complete the look. 

The family also shared a picture of Beth on her own Twitter account, making sure to keep the star's memory alive. This time, Beth's entire ensemble was decorated like a flag. "Happy 4th of July !" the caption read. 

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