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Nanny Faye Scares Todd Chrisley by Revealing Her Desire to Hunt Turkey on 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Junie Sihlangu
Jul 17, 2019
12:59 P.M.
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On Sunday, a promo teaser for Chrisley Knows Best was released on social media. In the clip, Nanny Faye scared her family by informing them that she wanted to go turkey hunting this year.


A promo for Tuesday’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best revealed that Nanny Faye had something new up her sleeve. The unfortunate part about it was that her family wasn’t quite supportive.

The Chrisley family grandmother shared with them her desire to hunt a turkey. She stated in the clip: "I'm going to hunt a turkey this year.”


Chase’s expression after hearing the statement was of utter shock. Family patriarch, Todd Chrisley, also didn’t think the elderly woman going hunting was a good idea.

With his hands folded against his chest in defiance, he discouraged her saying: "You are not going out in the woods with a gun.” Nanny Faye appears to ignore him as she mimics holding and shooting a hunting rifle.


She adds: "I got a big ol' turkey. Bang!" Speaking at the end of the promo clip, Todd comments: "Momma will pop a cap in your [expletive].”

However, the elderly woman wasn’t the only one catching on some mischief on the episode. Another teaser showed Todd mocking his daughter Savannah as she tried to learn French.


The family patriarch dons a red beret and attempts to speak "Tennessee French" in front of his family. Another teaser for the episode revealed that Nanny Faye would be featuring again.

This time, the elderly woman tries her hand at Hibachi cooking. Her grandson Chase sat across from her as a chef attempted to teach her some basic moves.


The grandson ducks and dives as his grandmother tries, but fails miserably, to juggle a chef’s fork and knife. She then attempts to light an onion “volcano” and struggles to switch the flame on.

Her last lesson is how to balance a boiled egg on both sides of a chef’s knife. Sadly, she drops the egg and it splits open as Chase watches on.

Her hilarious shenanigans make her a good candidate to have her own show.

In a previous episode of the reality show, Todd and his wife Julie snoop through Grayson’s phone and struggle to decipher a message that was written with a lot of emojis. Not having a clue what the emojis read, Nanny Faye gives it a go.

Eventually, Savannah walks in and helps them figure out the first message. Chrisley Knows Best airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.