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Duane Chapman's Son Wes Poses for Adorable Family Photo with His Kids

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jul 23, 2019
07:59 A.M.
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Wesley Chapman decided to take a much-needed family vacation with his wife, two kids, and their three dogs. Guess which one already has an injury


Wesley (Wes) and his wife Jodie Chapman tend to stay out of the spotlight, so it was refreshing to see a full-blown family photo of them ahead of their vacation. The post is found below. 

Wes is the son of Duane "The Dog" Chapman and his ex-wife Anne M Tengell, whom he was with from 1979 to 1982. He became stepson to Beth Chapman who passed away in June due to cancer. 


In the photo, Wes and Jodie border their two seated dogs and son, Peyton and daughter Chloe who are on the steps of an RV. Jodie is holding the smaller dog wearing an off-shoulder blouse and blue jeans shorts.

On the other side, Wes has on a grey t-shirt and brown khaki shorts with a pair of sunglasses. Their daughter, sporting a yellow dress, appears to be wearing a black cast on one of her feet. 

The caption read: 

"Home from Denver & now back on the road! Our little family was in need of a family vacation. So this will be home for the next 7 days. 3 dogs 2 kids & an RV packed to the brim! Wish us luck." 


In the comments, when one person inquired about the injured foot, Jodie revealed that her daughter has a torn ligament before adding, "first day on the road and we already have an injury... lord help us."

A follow-up photo showed incredible scenery of green hills and a brilliant blue sky with rolling clouds. Another showed Jodie sitting in the RV holding the same dog, and a last showed the little boy in a body of water. 

Many of Duane's kids are well-known through participation in the bounty hunter show that made their father famous. Others made their name through interactions (both good and bad) with their parents. 


However, Wes spoke to Forbes last week and explained that he "never wanted to ride on [his] dad's coattails." He added: "His blood is in my veins. And that's more than enough." 

Wes did a profile with the magazine about his incredible work rescuing children from abusive situations in the last seven years. He is part of The Human Gathering events and co-founded the A Human Project foundation with his wife. 


The 38-year-old was intentional about remaining behind the scenes for the past few years, but upon the passing of Beth, he is ready to come forward. Wes attended Beth's Colorado memorial service, though he missed the one in Hawaii

After Beth's death, he did tweet a biblical verse in response to his father's own when the latter spoke about Beth's typical early morning routine. "And he said to him, 'Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise,' " Wes wrote.


Wes also talked about family saying that there is "nothing more important." Thankfully, his farm lifestyle allows his family to get together at their convenience in what he described as an "incredible, serene environment."

Despite Wes' reported abandonment by his own father when he was four, the two appear to be on good terms now. Duane tweeted he was "so proud of my son" along with the link of his son's profile on Forbes. 


"We've worked with federal agencies to rescue children from abuse, among other things," he told the magazine. Other big names reportedly involved in the project are Randy Jackson, Rainn Wilson, and Justin Kan.

According to the magazine, book offers, speaking tours, and a documentary series may be in the works. Wes explained, “I’ve been working behind the scenes for so long. It’s time for me to let the world know what we’ve been up to.”