'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Responds to Haters Who Criticized Her Date Nights

The first group of quintuplets to be born in the United States came to the world in Houston on April 8, 2015, and although their parents are writing about this unique experience, some followers continue to criticize everything they do.

Danielle Busby gave birth to five girls at the Women's Hospital in Texas, by caesarean section at 28 weeks and two days, more than 4 years ago. And since the show premiered in 2016, fans have been part of this wonderful story.

Parents Danielle and Adam, and older sister Blayke, are an incredible family of eight. Little Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Olivia Marie, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige have managed to captivate the world with their charms and smiles, but their parents constantly receive criticism for their parenting style.

Multiple births are notoriously risky. The more fetuses there are, the greater the chance of pregnancy loss. Doctors attribute Danielle's birth and childbirth success to her focus on keeping herself and her healthy babies.

That is why we can be sure in saying that Danielle is an exemplary mother who has always done what is necessary to care for and protect her children. She even tried to do everything possible to follow a 4,500-calorie diet while she was expecting.

In 2017, the Busbys dealt with the devastation in their state caused by Hurricane Harvey. Although their own house escaped the flood, Danielle's mother, Mimi, "lost everything."

She and Adam paid their good fortune to overcome the storm by partnering with an organization to help those who were not so lucky.

Danielle shared on Instagram that they joined the toy learning company 'Learning Resources' to provide Harvey victims with toys worth $ 75,000.

Danielle met her husband for 12 years while working at a Target store in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 2003. According to her blog, Adam Busby worked with Danielle for several months before she really spoke to him. His first words to his future wife were "hey beautiful."

Finally, he invited her out on a date, and it turned out to be a birthday dinner for her sister, during which Danielle met Adam's entire family. That same night, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she actually said yes.

Two and a half years passed before Adam proposed to Danielle on Christmas Eve. They married seven months later, on July 22, 2006.

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