August 08, 2019

Linda's Death - Why Did Amy Carlson Really Leave 'Blue Bloods'?

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Linda Reagan was a character in the CBS series, "Blue Bloods" played by actress, Amy Carlson for seven seasons. This all-time favorite character won the hearts of many, both on and off the screen.

Reagan remained the main character until the shocking news of her death at the premiere of the 8th episode.

Actress Amy Carlson performs on stage as Equality Now celebrates 25th Anniversary at "Make Equality Reality" Gala | Photo: Getty Images



"Blue Bloods" remains a family's favorite for years, not just for its thrilling suspense and adventures, but the captivating aura of the beautiful nurse wife of Danny Reagan.

Amy Carlson played the fictional character, Linda Reagan, and fans of the series could not help but get away by the beautiful ER nurse, who had two kids, and a husband and still managed to stay at the top of her game at all times.

So it came as a shock to many when the 8th season started with the unexpected news of her death, without previous hinting. Of course, viewers did not take kindly to that, and the question on everyone's lips has been: why did Linda leave?


Amy Carlson attends the 2017 Equality Now Gala at Gotham Hall on October 30, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Following the outburst by fans over her departure, the Linda role player took to social media to address the matter. She expressed her gratitude to her fans for their concern and loyalty to her "Blue Bloods" character, also thanking CBS and her former crew members for the opportunity to be on the show for seven years.


The actress, however, explained that the decision to leave the show was hers, and that was why the producers needed to find an alternative means to wrap up her character.

However, the star stated that it was never her intention to create such an unceremonious departure for the widely-loved Linda. She was unaware of their decision to write off the ER nurse by saying she died in a helicopter crash, without actually showing the death, or funeral on screen.

Amy Carlson at "The Commuter" New York Premiere on January 8, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


While speaking with Deadline, the star said:

"I feel badly that she died the way she dies. I did not know they would do that. I was surprised. I wouldn't have done that."


When asked about the sudden departure of Linda without proper closure, the showrunner, Kelvin Wade explained in a TVline interview:

"I was between a rock and a hard place because the simple fact of the matter was that Amy decided not to renew her contract. And because that happened after we had wrapped the previous season, we really had very little wiggle room, but we did the best we could with a tough situation."


Amy Carlson attends the 2018 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards in Louisville, Kentucky | Photo: Getty Images


Although Wade made it clear that the series was not making plans for a possible flashback of her death, Amy opened up in an Interview that she was willing to return to the show, to do a flashback if the producers were up for it.


This, she said, would give fans the well-deserved closure of their favorite character.


In the ninth season of the series, Dalgado hinted to Danny that his wive's heroic death might not have been an accident after all. This set off alarm bells as viewers were left wondering if Dalgado was responsible for the purported accident.

Amy Carlson at the Blue Bloods 150th episode celebration in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

The suspicions were finally confirmed in a later episode that Dalgado indeed had a hand in her death. 

With the shocking revelations, the show might need Linda after all if they were to explain how the drug Cartel orchestrated the ER nurse's accidental death.