Childhood Struggles of 'Little Couple' Jen Arnold's Husband Bill Klein

The Little Couple's Bill Klein, who married Jen Arnold in 2009, opened up about his childhood struggles in an interview.

Klein is one of the most well-liked celebrities on TV nowadays. So, it's difficult to envision that in the past, he wasn't as cherished and acknowledged among peers.

"Even then, I might extend the party a little bit longer in the dorm and inevitably wake up feeling miserable."

In the CNN Red Chair interview, Klein uncovered that he was a victim of severe bullying when he was a child.

"I've been made fun of, picked on, beat up and threatened too many times. Intimidation was expressed and harm was implied," he said.

Klein was picked on more than he can remember when growing up. He revealed in his book with wife Jen, "Life is Short (No Pun Intended)," that he was pitilessly bullied while attending college.

According to him, the taunting went to a breaking point when other students tossed objects at him. To cope with the maltreatment, Klein said he turned to drink alcohol.

"I would always arrive home alone and often fairly intoxicated," he shared. "Even then, I might extend the party a little bit longer in the dorm and inevitably wake up feeling miserable."

As anyone might expect, the drinking didn't help. Klein soon discovered his life changing for the better when he got his first sweetheart. Years later, he reconnected with Jen.

After two years of dating, the couple tied the knot and are currently the parents to two lovely kids — son William Ri Jin and daughter Zoey Nidhi.

Klein grew up in the town of Port Jefferson on Long Island, NY. He started on a professional career in sales after earning a degree in Biology from NYU.

After this profession, he began his first undertaking into entrepreneurship. Today, he works with companies large and small.

In his spare time, Klein enjoys spending time with loved ones, travel, and watching films.

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