Madonna Professionally Stretches Her Legs While Preparing for a New Concert Tour (Video)

Singer Madonna proved that age has not taken a toll on her as she stretches in a new video, ahead of her upcoming "Madame X" tour in September.

Legendary singer, Madonna is set to make her upcoming September tour a groundbreaking one, given her preparations.


The sixty-year-old gave fans a peek of what she has in store for them as she shared a video of her having a random stretching session on Instagram.

The diva looked nothing near sixty in the video which showed her engaged with her phone while her legs performed the wonders of a lifetime.

The mother of six displayed unbelievable flexibility for her age as she lay on a mat with her attention drawn to her cellphone, while she performed a round of stretches and leg splits, punctuated by the background music.

Dressed in a black workout outfit, and equally black fishnet stockings, with her hair, rolled up in maxi curl sets, the music legend looked amazing.

The video which attracted over a million views in less than 48 hours was captioned:

"Madame X prepares for the day… #rehearsals #madamex."


Fans commented on the video, expressing their amazement at the incredible display. One of the comments was from Kelly Ripa, co-host of the talk show, "Live! With Kelly and Ryan." The comment reads:

"That's quite a spread you've prepared for us madame X."

The sixty-year-old legend replied her saying that she wanted her guests to be satisfied. That explains the full-fledged preparations.


The music star is set to commence her theatre tour in September, about three months after the album "Madame X" was released. She first announced the tour in May, through an Instagram video. She said in the video:

"I'm going on a special tour. I'm going on a theatre tour. If you experience the magic of a theatre, the intimacy of a theatre… I want to have an intimate experience with my fans."

In another Instagram video, she explained her "Madame X" concept, describing her as "a secret agent travelling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom and bringing light to dark places," a personality that has since been adopted by her twin girls.

In an interview with, the Grammy Award Winner revealed that her twin daughters, Estere and Stella have stuck to telling people that their mom was Madame X and not Madonna.

The six-year-olds who were adopted by the singer in 2017 admitted that it was awkward that everyone kept asking if Madonna was their mom.

For this reason, they have adopted the fictional alter ego, Madame X as their alleged mom, and the music icon thinks it's hilarious.

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