Mom Shares Cute Selfie after C-Section Where Newborn Baby Seems to Be Smiling at the Camera

Cute selfie overload! Mom and her newborn looked adorable in a selfie taken minutes after she delivered the baby via C-section. The baby appeared to be smiling at the camera.

Pregnancy is not an easy feat; every mother knows that. Every mum also knows that after childbirth, a woman does not look her best, and will not consider posing for the camera until she's had time to make herself presentable.

However, for one Brazilian mother, it didn't matter if she had no makeup on, or she was still getting fixed up by doctors because she delivered via C-section, she could not wait to share her happiness with the world.

With this in mind, Thaise de Mari, shared a cute photo of herself, her newborn daughter, Carmen, and her partner, on Instagram, moments after she gave birth. The picture showed the Brazilian beauty still in her theatre gown and gap, holding on to the little girl.

Mari's unnamed partner leaned close to his lady and child dressed in a similar outfit as the new mum. The two adults beamed widely, but what caught the blogger's followers attention was the look on baby Carmel's face. It appeared like she was smiling.

In the accompanying caption, the Brazilian wrote in Portuguese,

"We reserved the best and most sincere smiles for you," addressing her followers.

The happy fans took to the comment section gushing about how cute and adorable Carmel looked. One follower wrote,

Oh, my heart can't take this picture."

Another wrote, "What a memory, what a picture," while a third concluded that the baby has "Selfie talent," from the womb.

Mari delivered Carmel at 19 inches with a weight of 7.5 pounds. In another post, she noted that when she took the selfie, it helped boost her following on Instagram.

The proud mum wrote that suddenly, all the things she would consider before posting a picture, like the perfect pose and outfit, no longer mattered. She predicted that her happy and healthy baby is symbolic of what's to come for her family, and joked that Carmel is, "Happy to get out of the cage."

Mother and daughter are no longer in the hospital, but Mari continually posts nonstop adorable photos of herself and her baby girl, making it evident that she's excited to be a mum.

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