Mariska Hargitay of 'Law & Order' Wishes Husband Peter Hermann a Happy Birthday in a New Post

Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Mariska Hargitay took to social media to wish her husband, Peter Hermann, a happy birthday as he turned 51 on August 1st.


The “Law and Order” star, Mariska Hargitay celebrated with her husband, actor Peter Hermann who recently added one more year to his age.

She posted two pictures of the actor posing for his birthday shot in a blue T. shirt with a delicious looking chocolate cake. The cake which already had a slice taken off was beautifully decorated with yellow and pink toppings and a blue candle. 

She wished him good tidings on his special day with a caption that read: “Happy Birthday Peter Hermann.” She followed the birthday wish with a series of emojis, before adding the hashtag GermanChocolateCake, accompanied by a cake emoji. She also commended her husband’s youthful appearance saying:

“How does he get younger every year???”

Following the post, fans sent in their birthday wishes to the 51-year-old actor, while expressing their likeness for the chocolate cake, and the beautiful couple whose longtime marriage is an inspiration.


The couple has been married for fifteen years, without scandals, or negativities, making their union a model marriage. The 51-year-old actor granted an interview with Fox News, where he opened up about his marriage to the Emmy award winner.

When questioned about how they made their marriage work in the world of fame, he said that it depended on the day. He also noted that he is always willing to make it work with the mother of his three children because she is a gift to him.

“The fact is, we just get to do it together, and I cannot tell you what a gift it is to get to do all of it with her.”

This approach has definitely worked for the pair, who has survived all the hurdles they’ve faced.


The mother of three also thinks highly of her husband, whom she first met during a guest appearance on “Law and Order.” In a June talk show, the star spoke up about their first date.

She explained the encounter on “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” telling the show hosts that she cried on her first date with the “Younger” actor.

“I cried because I was feeling something that I’d never felt before, but I kind of knew what it was and I always say people, well, you know, when you’re a little girl, your parents and your grandparents and everyone goes ‘When you’re in love, you’ll know.’ And before I did, I’d never felt that.”

All eyes are on the longtime sweethearts as the pair is set to celebrate fifteenth wedding anniversary on August 28th.

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