Mary J. Blige Busts a Move in Orange Thigh-High Boots & Matching Jacket during 'Royalty' Tour

The legendary “Queen of hip-hop soul,” Mary J. Blige looked gorgeous in a new video as she performed some killer-dance moves during an on-stage performance.

More stunning than her steps was her orange thigh-high boots, and matching jacket.


Hip hop and R&B singer, Mary J. Blige set the stage flaming orange on Sunday night during a concert. The 48-year-old hit the stage dressed in a black top and a pair of orange boots and a little jacket that matched the flaming hot boots.

The singer gave an energetic performance that earned her tons of resounding applause from fans. 

Blige danced to a choreographed song, along with the backup dancers that were present, and her blond curls made the performance even more engaging as it kept flowing to the beats as she danced on.


Theshaderoom shared a video from her live performance on Instagram, and fans have since trooped in to pass compliments and notes of admiration to the R&B artist.

The video has acquired over two million views, and nineteen thousand comments, all in praise of the 48-year-old’s energy-filled performance, and stunning look. One fan wrote:

“Girl, them boots and that jacket. Myyy goodness! She did that.”


“Where she be finding them boots? I need some,” another commented.

Some fans, however, thought that the dressing was hilarious but cute. A fan commented, “boots are dope! Still hilarious tho!”

Notwithstanding what anyone thought of her dressing, the singer retained her title as “queen of hip hop souls.” 

“That’s my queen!” one fan wrote of the soul singer.


Apparently, being a queen does not invariably rule out a financial crisis. Between 2016 and 2017, the music artist received backlash from the IRS for failing to remit taxes on the money she earned within the period.

The amount owed to the government totaled over a million dollars in taxes. Bossip obtained some documents to this effect, and more debts were discovered in the singer’s name.

It was learned from the records that the legendary queen was also allegedly bearing debts from 2009 to 2011, which makes her due amount way over three million dollars.

Her name was also traceable to some un-liaised bank loans and several other financial lawsuits which arose after her divorce from Kendu Isaacs.

The star proved herself deserving of her title when she emerged victorious from her financial mess and relationship crisis, with her head held up high, also earning a new title, “A Virtuoso of suffering,” conferred on her by the New York Times.

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