Brooke Valentine Goes on IG Live to Explain Why She’s Been Missing on LHHH

Brooke Valentine and Marcus Black concentrate on being parents to little  Chi Summer.

Brooke Valentine and her beau Marcus Black are taking some time off from the hit reality show "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood."

The couple revealed the reason why they are putting their career on hiatus and concentrating on their roles as parents.


Fans of the reality show who have been tuning in to watch "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood," have probably been wondering why Brooke and Marcus have been missing from the first three episodes.

Get ready for some disappointment if you are addicted to their particular brand of mayhem because the couple isn't participating in Season 6 at all.

The star makes it clear that she will be returning to  "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood," and probably for Season 7.


Brooke and Markus' decision to sit out Season 6 in order to concentrate on their baby girl is commendable. They want to be there for each little milestone and every precious moment, and who can blame them?


For the singer, the choice was simple. As much as she cherishes her career, being with Chi Summer is more important to her and Markus at every level.

“I wanted to spend time with my daughter. I can’t get these times back. All these little precious moments with her? I will never get them back and I didn’t want to spend them sitting in a van, sitting in a makeup chair, trying to figure out what I’ma do with my hair," she explained.


The star makes it clear that she will be returning to  "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood," and probably for Season 7.

This time away will also give Brooke some much-needed recovery time after what turned out to be a difficult pregnancy.

“My induction was scheduled because I was high risk. It was scheduled too close to filming and it was just too stressful. I spent about six weeks postpartum in and out of the hospital. I had preeclampsia and postpartum hemmorhage so I wasn’t feeling too great. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to jump back on set,” she said.

We look forward to her return, and in the meantime wish Brooke and Markus much joy with their little Chi Summer.


Social media was aghast when reality star and singer Brooke Valentine and her partner Marcus Bçlack announced the birth of their first child together, Chi Summer.

The couple had kept the entire pregnancy a secret, and shared the first photo of their daughter when she was already 2 months old.

Brooke is also the mother of a nine-year-old son named London from a prior relationship.

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