Gabe Grunewald's Husband Justin Shares Emotional Letter to His Late Wife 2 Months after Her Death

A few months ago, American sports star, Gabe Grunewald passed away after decades of fighting cancer. Her husband, Justin still isn't over the tragedy as he takes to social media to talk about his grief.

Justin and Gabe's love for each other while Gabe was alive is undeniable. Justin was by his wife's side when she passed away, and by the looks of things, he is yet to come to terms with her death.

Four days ago, Justin took to Instagram to share a picture of the late sports star. In the photo, Gabe, whose full name is Gabriele Ivy, is geared up looking relaxed in a sportswear.

Surrounded by greenery, the award-winning runner waved and brightly smiled as she jogged. The snap is one reminiscent of Gabe's beautiful and charming personality and how it seems to draw people in.

However, what made the post a very emotional and sentimental one is Justin's lengthy post, which had him explaining how great his grief is. Justin started:

"Day 68, @gigrunewald, and I think I miss you more. Honestly, every day hurts differently. It hurts in the same places, right over the the heart, and in the back of the throat."

He further shared that the pain still becomes so overwhelming that he has to find private places to cry. Justin also honestly admitted that the pain "feels so much better" than the feeling of numbness. He emotionally wrote:

"The numb is scary."

Justin's emotional sentiments while writing this can only be imagined. He, however, shared that running as he used to do with Gabe helps him control the pain. Sadly, sometimes even that isn't enough, but Justin describes that as "beautifully miserable."

He wrote concluding the lengthy post:

"I'll keep running. And I'll keep reminding myself, as I have every day since the last time I held your hand, that it's ok to struggle, but it's not ok to give up. I'll remember that every day for the rest of my life when it gets hard. And it does, #bravelikegabe #runningonhope."

The post garnered comments that were just as emotional as Justin's post as netizens shared words of comfort. It is a testimony of how much people have come to care for Gabriele who chronicled her tenuous battle with the rare metastatic cancer.

Through it all, the runner still competed and her 13 inches long scar was one that was rarely missed on the track. Her strength was one that many found admirable and soon, Gabe garnered herself a significant increase in social media followers.

With that much attention on her, she founded the organization "Brave Like Gabe" to fund research and raise awareness surrounding rare cancers through local races.

May her soul rest in peace.

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