Meet Robin Roberts' 14 Years Younger Longtime Girlfriend, Amber Laign

After so long, there's finally a face to the name of Robin Roberts' young love who is also her behind the scene support system.

58-year-old Good Morning America host Robin Roberts finally gave the world an insight into her long-term relationship with massage therapist Amber Laign and her health struggle in a 2014 interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The media personality came out as gay in 2013, with a public Facebook post where she mentioned her partner, Amber, who stood by her even after she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome.

In her interview with DeGeneres, the show host revealed that she met Amber through a friend.

Roberts published her "tell-all" memoir, titled "Everybody's Got Something." The book highlights her journey from her diagnosis to recovery and how all the support and love she got helped her pull through the most challenging period in her life.

The memoir also reveals that the couple lives separately. Trust Ellen not to allow such a juicy fact slip away, as she made sure to note it. Roberts jokingly gave her reason as,

"I guess it would be hard because you wake up at 3 am every day, and I wouldn't want to wake up to that either."

Another undeniable fact is the constant repetition of her partner, Amber in the book.

"You talk about her a lot in the book, and yet she was living like a quiet kind of closed life," Ellen observed.

Roberts defended her boo by revealing her introverted nature,

"because she doesn't really like the spotlight. She's here right now, and I can't even get her to come out."

Williams further stated that not everyone likes the glitz and glamour lifestyle, and Amber has been super supportive. Occasionally, Roberts gives fans a glimpse into their lives through her Instagram posts.

They shared their recent visit to Key West, one of the couples favorite places, with fans in an Instagram post. The picture showed the couple taking a relaxing stroll, with the ocean serving as a lovely background in the image.

She captioned the post,

"I've told you I'm not crazy about Tuesday...but this one isn't so bad knowing that tomorrow after @goodmorningamerica Amber, @lil_man_lukas & I are headed to our happy place...Key West! We're doing our best to keep our pledge to be #SereneIn2019 Hope you're doing well with your resolutions/goals/intentions for this year #tuesdaythoughts."

She also posted a picture of Amber and their dog, Lukas, who has his own Instagram account. But it's not all play for the couple who have been together for almost two decades.

One of their rare red carpet moments was to support pupils working towards making schools safer for LGBT students.

"I'm delighted to support GLSEN, an incredible organization that is working to end bullying and make schools safer for LGBT students," Roberts said.

In her 2014 interview, she also gave kudos to Ellen for opening up and providing confidence to so many people who were afraid to come out about their sexuality.

Roberts has been around for a while, from her days at ESPN to Good Morning America, and despite her illness, she still managed to fight, win and come back.

The media personality has always been grateful to her support system and remains so. And all her fans stay rooting for her.

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