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LeBron James Says He Literally Cried While Watching Sons Practicing Hoops at 5 am

Oyin Balogun
Sep 01, 2019
11:40 P.M.
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Reputable basketball champ, Lebron James admitted he got emotional as he watched his sons shooting hoops in the early hours of the morning.


Lebron brings his A-game when it comes to playing on the basketball court and his method of delivery is always outstanding. His personal life also enjoys the luxury of his credibility. As a father, the Laker's star stops at nothing to be involved in his kids' lives.


It came as no surprise when he decided to share on his social media handle what he thought after seeing his sons take on the sports passionately.

On his Twitter, the basketballer stated that he shed tears as a proud father. Lebron expressed that while he was on his way to the gym, he saw his sons aiming shots at the net.


The four-time league MVP champ explained how incredible it felt and acknowledged that not having a father figure in his life has influenced the way he connects with his boys, Bronny and Bryce.

Admitting that he wants to support them and seeing them enthused by the path they choose to follow is mind-blowing. In his words:

"Man seeing my boys outside hooping at 5 am literally made me cry in the car riding to my workout. OD proud dad moment that you wouldn't understand from my perspective unless you never had a dad around your whole life, or have kids of your own that you trying to instill the word " Work Ethic" to them cause they'll never have to go through what you had to."


Mr. James's childhood wasn't all fun and games, and he needed to work his ass off to achieve his dreams. Scuttling shelter and growing up with an absentee father charged the Lakers star to shoot for the stars by dedicating most of his time to brushing his basketball skills.

His sons early morning shoots takes him back to those moments of his success preparations.


Video clips uploaded on his Instagram story showed how Bronny aimed at the net, and later, Bryce joined in on the practice.

Their dad wrote on the video, "It's in his DNA." Lebron couldn't be wrong as his older son recently returned from a competition in China, which involved his school basketball team.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and daddy stops at nothing to flaunt Lebrons Jr's skills on the internet.


Last year during the opening of the school which he dedicated to his hometown in Ohio, "I Promise Elementary School," he addressed his thoughts on giving his older son his name. He mentioned that he"still regrets" naming his older son after him.

He revealed that all he ever wanted to do for his kids is to be everything his dad wasn't, especially being present and leading them on the right pathway.

The sport's star is doing justice at upholding his promise of being an excellent dad!