Model Adut Akech Slams Australia's Who Magazine for Obvious Photo Mix-Up in Article about Her

Adut Akech calls out Australian magazine for using a photo of a different black model in an article about her. She believes it was racially inspired.

Supermodel Adut Akech is slamming Australian Magazine "Who" for committing an error she has described as "inexcusable and "ignorant."


The South-Sudanese-Australian model took to her Instagram to call out the magazine in a lengthy message. 

The 19-year-old explained that she had given the matter at hand, some deep thoughts, and believes sharing the story is the best way to tackle it.


She recounted that Who Magazine published a feature article about her where she spoke about how refugees are viewed and the attitude of people to colored folks. 

To her surprise, the article was published with a photo of another black model, not her.


Akech shared a photo of the magazine spread that showed the other model on her Instagram. As revealed by PEOPLE, the woman in the picture was Flavia Lazarus.

Adut, who is the 2019 ambassador for Melbourne Fashion Week, disclosed that she was "angry" and felt "disrespected" by the occurrence. 

She wrote:

"Not only do I personally feel insulted and disrespected, but I feel like my entire race has been disrespected too, and it is why I feel it is important that I address this issue. Whoever did this clearly the thought that was me in that picture, and that's not okay."

It particularly didn't sit well with her because she believed the mistake truncated the purpose and message she passed in the article. 

She believes the error stemmed from racism as she feels "it would've not happened to a white model."

Adut, however, clarified that the post was not to bash Who Magazine— who already apologized to her — but to express how deeply hurt she was by the incident.

To end her rant, the model urged the industry to do better and fact-check their magazines before publishing. She added:

"I want this to be somewhat of a wake-up call to people within the industry; it's not OK, and you need to do better. Big publications need to make sure that they fact check things before publishing them especially when its real stories and interviews and not just some made-up rumors."


As Adut mentioned in her post, the Australian Magazine has apologized to her for their mistakes. 

As revealed by The Age, in an issue of the magazine released today, the company tendered their heartfelt apology to both Adut and Flavia in a statement on page three, which read:

“When [Akech's] story was published in last week's issue, it ran alongside an image of another model, Flavia Lazarus, that was provided to us accidentally. To say we were mortified by the misprint is an understatement."

They also disclosed that they spoke to Adut and apologized to her directly. Hopefully, Adut's case sends a clear message to other magazine houses.
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