Black "model" allegedly barred from NBA game over skimpy outfit

A black "model" says she was barred from entering the Wells Fargo Center for the 76ers’ home opener because of her ensemble. 

The woman who was accompanied by a photographer, Reuben Harley, was stopped from entering the Wells Fargo Center on October 18, 2018. Her outfit was deemed inappropriate for the venue and function.

She wore a black leotard with fishnet stockings. She was surrounded by a group of security personnel so that no one could see her and informed she was not allowed to enter in that outfit.

Reuben was forced to buy her a hoodie before they were allowed to enter the venue. Both believe the entire issue was discriminatory.

They pointed out that the NBA cheerleaders wore outfits that were just as skimpy. She was stopped by a Sixers official and Wells Fargo security while a police officer was also nearby.


Some people backed the decision. Arguing that the woman is not a cheerleader or performer and is therefore dressed inappropriately.

Bold move but sorry, if she is not a cheerleader the outfit is not appropriate at a basketball game. It’s not about discrimination, it’s about decency ~ @xamgran5315


However, others demanded answers from Wells Fargo and the Sixers for the incident. Bringing up comparisons like Niki Minaj being allowed to wear a very similar outfit to a match.

Fans called the NBA Sixers hypocritical. Once again pointing out the fact that the cheerleader's outfits are extremely skimpy and the cheerleaders often have suggestive dance moves to match their skimpy outfits.

Similar Situation

Earlier this year, Serena Williams stunned fans when she stepped onto the tennis court at the 2018 French Open in a black catsuit with a red waistband. The catsuit was a full length tight fitting garment.

Regardless of the health benefits of the suit, it broke a number of the outfit restrictions of the sport. French Tennis Federation president, Bernard Giudicelli, banned the outfit from being worn in the future. 

Fans were outraged that the federation believed Williams disrespected the sport with her outfit choice. Especially since she had said, she chose the outfit for health reasons and to inspire mothers. The question on everyone's mind is, "Was the outfit disrespectful? "

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