Renowned Actress Valerie Harper Dead at 80

Valerie Harper, the woman behind the famous Rhoda Morgenstern from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," has recently passed away after a long battle with lung cancer.

The news was shared by her daughter, Cristina Harper Cacciotti, who took to her official Twitter page to let her mother's fans and followers know that Valerie was no longer with them.

According to Cristina, who spoke on her father's, Tony Cacciotti, behalf, the actress drew her last breath on Friday, August 30, at 10:06 a.m. after years of dealing with severe health issues.


It has been reported that, in her last few years, the actress suffered from lung cancer, brain cancer and leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare complication of cancer in which the disease spreads to the brain and spinal cord.


In order to help Valerie with her treatments, a friend named Deanna B. set up a GoFundMe page titled "The Valerie Harper Cancer Support Fund," which gathered over $65,000.

The page was only up for about a week, and Valerie's devoted fans were the ones responsible for donating all the money. However, the page was eventually closed after members of the entertainment industry offered to pay for the medical expenses.


The late 80-year-old was very loved within show business and was regarded as one of the most talented individuals on television. Following her death, several celebrities paid tribute to her on social media.

Actress Marlee Matlin wrote:

"Even when she was down she danced and showed the world that she refused to let cancer beat her. Now Rhoda is with Mary in heaven. RIP Valerie Harper. You were the epitome of strength and humor.”

Alyssa Milano, who costarred with Valerie on "Melrose Place," described her as the kindest and most gracious actor on set, adding that she will be missed.

Ed Asner, who shared a photo of Valerie on his Twitter account, said that "her brilliance burst through and shined its light upon all of us," wishing her goodnight and that they would see each other soon.

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