September 08, 2019

Daily Joke: Young Man Was Having Money Troubles and Called His Dad

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Here’s a hilarious story of a broke young man trying to borrow money from his father.

Having money troubles, the young man decided to call his father again to borrow money from him, as he had done several times in the past.  

He called him via the operator. When his father got on the phone, the son said, “I need to borrow 800 dollars.”

Man sitting on crate | Photo: Pexels


His father replied, “Sorry, I can’t hear you, son, I think there may be a bad line.”

The boy shouted: “Eight hundred. I need eight hundred dollars!”

“Sorry, I still can’t hear you clearly,” his father said.

The operator cut in: “Sorry to butt in, but I can hear him perfectly clearly.”

The father said: “Good. Then you send him the money!”

Man in the office | Photo: Pexels


If you found that funny, here’s a related joke that will make you laugh all day.

A young man named Tom is applying for a job as a signalman for the local railroad. He is told to meet the inspector at the signal box.

"What would you do if you realized that two trains were heading towards each other on the same track?" the inspector asks Tom.

Train on the tracks | Photo: Pexels


Tom quickly says, "I would switch one train to another track."

"What if the lever broke?" asks the inspector.

"I'd run down to the tracks and use the manual lever," answers Tom.

"What if that had been struck by lightning and also doesn't work?" challenges the inspector.

"Then," Tom continues, "I'd run back up here and use the phone to call the next signal box."

Train track | Photo: Pexels


"What if the phone was busy?"

"In that case," Tom argues, "I'd run to the street level and use the public phone near the station."

"What if that had been vandalized?"

"Oh, well," says Tom, "in that case I'd run into town and get my Uncle Leo."

The inspector has been impressed by him until he answered the last question. Puzzled, the inspector asks, "Why would you do that?"

Two men having a conversation in an office | Photo: Shutterstock

Tom replies: "Because he's never seen a train crash before!"

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