Marie Osmond Shares Birthday Wishes to Her Youngest Daughter Abigail Noting Her Disbelief That the Teen Was Now 17

Marie Osmond just celebrated her daughter turning 17-years-old. The proud mother can't help sharing about how surprised she is that her youngest child is growing up so fast.

Marie Osmond is one of the busiest women in Hollywood; she is a country music legend, television personality, doll designer, actress and business woman. 

Establishing her career from the time she was a toddler preforming with her family on stage, Osmond has always maintained that her greatest accomplishment has be raising her eight children

Sharing her excitement that her youngest child has turned 17-years-old, she writes:

"#HappyBirthday to my precious baby girl Abby. I can't believe you’re 17…??What an amazing young woman you are! I'm so proud of you sweetheart and I love you with all my heart!!!"

Wearing a marron and gold embroidered statin dress, Osmond holds her daughter's hand. Their excitement for the party celebrations beams off their faces.

Out of her eight children, Abigail is one of five children Osmond adopted when they were young. She shares a close bond with her youngest, telling PEOPLE, a conversation she had with Abigail when she was 16-years-old and holding back tears she says:

"They’re so sweet. How many 16-year-olds tell you they love you? It’s hard when you have to work — I was the provider, so for my children to understand that and love me and care enough about me…"

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We’ve heard it said that there are “seasons” in our lives. In this stage of my life journey, I find myself pondering the well discussed subject of how we spend our time. Last night, following the show at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, I enjoyed some “one-on-one” time with my sweet daughter, Abigail. We spent precious time together, talking over one of our fave desserts... FROZEN YOGURT! 😋 The topic of music came up and how it effects us. I may be a bit biased, but my daughter is wise for her age! 😊 She told me how she deleted a few songs from her library because at the ripe old age of 16 (my words inserted there, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be that age again! 😳), she realized that as much as she liked the music, some of the lyrics weren’t things she wanted imprinted on her mind. She said, even though she wasn’t really listening to the words, she knew her subconscious mind was. Again... pretty dang smart! After we got home, I pondered what my daughter said about the music we listen to and how it truly can impact our overall mood and lives. • On this Sabbath day, let us ponder over what kind of music we listen to and allow to influence our thoughts, and subsequently, our actions. Does it qualify as uplifting or does it bring us down? And like my Abi, what are we willing to remove from our playlists that might have a negative effect on us and the time we spend listening to it? • I've gone into more detail and included a few of my favorite Bible verses on the subject on my Facebook page and at #Happy #Sunday! • #seasons #music #musicismedicine

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The proud mother of eight makes running a huge household look easy, gushing over her children she says:

"They’re all really hard workers and they are kind to each other and try really hard to be kind to people. Some of my kids are adopted and I can’t remember which ones, but some of them are more like me than my biological and I’m like, I know why God sent you to me!"

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This week my brother Donny and I made it official: we will be taking our final bow this November at the @flamingovegas. We were very prayerful in coming to this decision and we both feel peace about it…nevertheless… it is so HARD to think about parting ways with so many amazing, talented and hard-working people who have become our ‘family’ these past 11 years. I wish I could name each of them but this post would run for several pages! Then, there’s you—our dedicated and loyal friends, fans and acquaintances. Thank you for coming to our shows, some of you returning many times over. None of this would ever have been possible without you. How much do I appreciate you?! You have made all the difference. You have made us who we are. 🥰 And now to my dear brother Donny. I have always tried to remind myself that Donny is my brother first and my business partner second. I know the Lord placed me here for “such a time as this.” He knew I would need the support of my brother. Donny has been with me through some very difficult trials!! (read more about this on my FB page or @ I am so grateful to God for ‘saving me’ by arranging my life and talents for this show and putting my sweet brother by my side. The special blessings which have come over these past several years have been so tender—some too personal to mention. Others have created some amazingly beautiful silver linings such as becoming a grandmother, meeting the man of my dreams all over again and then remarrying him. My husband is truly the love of my life. And so, I look ahead to the reality of one door closing and another opening up. The other night I turned to Donny as we took our spots for the opening of the show and said: “Hey D, let’s just have fun with every show as we count down to the last one… let’s enjoy every moment.” Saying good bye is never easy, but as Donny said “It’s the end of The Donny & Marie Show, it’s not the end of Donny and Marie.” 😉😘 #donnyandmarie

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She has so many things to be thankful for; rising to fame with her family, “The Osmond’s,” from the time she was three-years-old, she is still a legendary performer. It is reported, Osmond and her Brother Donny will end their 11-year tenure at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, in November, 2019.

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