Pregnant Christina Milian Caught 'Masked Singer' Host Ex Nick Cannon Cheating by Hacking His Phone

Christina Milian, who dated Nick Cannon for two and a half years, revealed during an interview that he caught him cheating on her after hacking into his phone.

The former couple met each other in 2003 while in the set of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” They started dating soon later, but she ultimately ended the relationship in 2005 due to Nick’s cheating.

Even though it has been more than a decade since that happened, Christina talked about the experience during an interview with the E! News show “Just the Sip.”

“I need to bust him in person.”

Spying on Nick Cannon’s phone for a month

Justin Sylvester, the host of the show, asked her if she was good at breaking into phones, and Christina admitted to successfully doing it once when she was still dating Nick.

She explained that “somehow” the password she tried worked and, after that, she had access to the messages that he and his mistress kept sending each other. Since she was stuck in Romania, she kept spying on Nick’s phone for about a month.

“I had time,” admitted Christina, “so I was like, ‘I cannot bust him while I’m away. I need to bust him in person, so in the meantime, I’m gonna get my intel, make sure that this is for real for real,’ and it was for real, so it was enough.”

Waiting a month to confront him

The “Christina Milian Turned Up” star added that she was bored during her time in Romania, so checking Nick’s messages became entertainment for her.

Christina admitted that the reason she didn’t break up with Nick immediately after finding out about his affair was that she couldn’t deal with the idea of not seeing him again.

She wanted to see him in person to tell him about her findings and then go over it. The singer added that Nick was her first love, so she felt it was unreal, especially because he was living in her house.

Speaking of Nick Cannon, he made headlines earlier this year after he shared some details on working next to R. Kelly in his controversial studio where a lot of sexual misconduct took place.

He admitted that he wouldn’t agree to work there if he had seen “some little girls” in it. After saying that he never saw anyone apart from the musicians in it, Nick admitted that R. Kelly would leave the studio for hours with no explanations.

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