Rapper Lyfe Jennings Defends ‘Slave’ Song after Backlash from Followers, Charlamagne, Amanda Seales

Lyfe Jennings is lashing out at followers and fellow celebrities who criticized his new song that used the word “slave” while describing a sexual encounter.

Jennings, 41, has been away from the spotlight for a while, but the R&B singer is back in the news and not for the right reasons.


In a song on his latest album “777,” Jennings describes a sexual encounter with lyrics like:

"I’m gon’ beat it like a slave; So you don’t run away.

Got the whips and chains; Call me master.

I’m gon’ beat it like a slave; Work you every day.

Do everything I say; I’m your master."


The song has since sparked outrage among Twitter users and even celebrities like comedian Amanda Seales and radio presenter Charlamagne.

It was Seales who first highlighted Jennings’ offensive lyrics in an Instagram video, slamming the singer for comparing sex to "centuries of the exploitation of black bodies against their will."

Charlamagne shared Seales’ video with the caption: "Some of y’all don’t have any friends. If you did, you wouldn’t make mistakes like this record."

"If you’re offended by what I said, ladies, I have sex, I like sex, so I wrote a song"

Jennings wasted no time responding to the negative criticism and continued to defend his blatant sexualization of an experience that continues to traumatize black people to this day.


"I’m just hearing all this nonsense that Charlamagne Tha God and one chick Amanda – I don’t even know her last name – are saying about my new song," he began in an Instagram clip.

Jennings then went on to claim no one supported any of his positive songs – the "good music I did for black people" – but were quick to criticize the controversial "Slave."

He even turned the table on black people, saying:

"That’s what’s wrong with you black folks right now. You always want to grasp on to the most negative part and put it, but you can’t support the good. If you’re offended by what I said, ladies, I have sex, I like sex, so I wrote a song about sex. …I like it, and if I offended some people, then I apologize. …but in reality, you like sex too."

Jennings also spoke to TMZ concerning the backlash he’s been receiving and said he only meant to pay tribute to BDSM with "Slave." The singer also reportedly implied his inspiration for the song came from the popular novel-turned-movie "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Charlamagne and Seales have not responded to Jennings' defense, but the consensus on Twitter seems to be that the R&B singer missed whatever mark he was aiming for with "Slave."

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