Malik Yoba Loses Temper & Leaves Interview after Questioned about Soliciting Trans Minor Allegation

Malik Yoba flew into a rage and stormed out during an interview after he was questioned about recent allegations of soliciting underage Trans sex workers.

Earlier this month, the “Empire” star made headlines for admitting his attraction to transgender women.

Malik Yoba at the The Lions X WDC World Ocean Day Event on June 08, 2019 in New York City| Photo: Getty Images

Malik Yoba at the The Lions X WDC World Ocean Day Event on June 08, 2019 in New York City| Photo: Getty Images


That admission, made via an Instagram post that has since been deleted, generated mixed reactions. While some people supported Yoba for owning his truth, others were not so accepting of the announcement.

One of those in the latter group is Mariah Lopez Ebony, a trans woman and activist who alleged in a Facebook post that the actor’s confession was only to cover up for his past escapades with underage Trans sex workers.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Ebony claimed that she was one of the underage Trans girls Yoba solicited many years ago.


It was those allegations that The Root reporter Terrell Jermaine Starr brought before Yoba in an interview that quickly turned awkward.

The “New York Undercover” alum denied knowing Ebony and compared his feelings about being accused to how it feels for transgender folks not to be accepted for who they are.

Malik Yoba at the Los Angeles Premiere of "American Woman" on June 5, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

Malik Yoba at the Los Angeles Premiere of "American Woman" on June 5, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

Things got pretty heated after Starr asked Yoba what he thought about backlash from sex workers who believe Trans women are only a fetish for him and that the actor doesn’t have “intimate and loving relationships with them.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yoba deadpanned.


When Starr asked about accusations that the actor was only being opportunistic and focusing on his sexual preferences rather than Trans issues, Yoba lost it.

"We sat for four [expletive] hours, and you gonna stay on some [expletive] allegations?" the actor yelled, suggesting that Starr was going against a previous agreement on interview questions.

"The [expletive] is wrong with you? This my [expletive] life," he added.

Yoba then took out his mic and stormed off set. The actor could also be heard off-camera demanding the interview SD Card from The Root’s crew. You can watch the video here.


The outlet said they reached out to Yoba’s team following the incident and got this response:

"Mr. Yoba categorically denies all allegations and will not respond, beyond this comment, to requests for comment."


According to Complex, The Root also conducted a phone interview with Yoba’s accuser, Ebony, where she insisted the actor had sexual encounters with her at age 13 and 16.

Ebony claimed Yoba paid $80 for the first sex act but refused to go into details about the encounter. Instead, she said:

"Based on my personal experience in the instance you’re inquiring about but also my further knowledge of him personally, he has a proclivity for sexual intercourse that is homoerotic."

Ja’nese Bussey, another transgender woman, also reportedly backed Ebony’s claims.

Since the allegations became public, Yoba has been removed from his youth leadership position in the Sigma Beta Club program, an initiative that provides counseling and guidance for pre-teen boys and teenage males, NewsOne reported.

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