Meghan Markle Cuddles Baby Archie as They Prepare to Fly without Prince Harry for Next Stop of Africa Royal Tour

Duchess of Sussex holds baby Archie as the duo boards a flight to Johannesburg. Oops! Prince Harry is missing on the flight.

Despite arriving on the continent together, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are scheduled to go on solo trips while on tour.

Harry, 35, has departed Angola for Malawi, to address issues on our ecosystem.

Meghan and her baby Archie were seen leaving Cape Town as they headed for the International Airport for their expected British Airways flight to Johannesburg.

The Duchess of Sussex was spotted in a white shirt and black trousers, gently holding little Archie to her chest as they jetted out.


Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie are on a 10-day Royal tour to Africa.

During one of his scheduled engagements to Angola; Harry with the HALO Trust, visited an area his mother Princess Diana walked on while she visited in 1997.

The area used to be deadly, as it was filled with landmines, but it is now a flourishing environment filled with small businesses, schools, and colleges.

Speaking to members of the community, he discloses it had been "emotional," submitting he was "extremely proud." 

Archie was introduced to Archbishop Desmond Tutu as part of the tour's engagement. The 87-year-old Tutu kissed the 5-month-old baby's head, as the latter peered through the former's glasses. 


Prince Harry will feature as a guest editor on National Geographic's Instagram page, to raise consciousness about the important roles trees play in the earth's ecosystem.

He hopes to encourage people across the globe to share the beauty of trees as his official tour continues.

The Duke will work with the National Geographic to post pictures from renowned National Geographic photographers, showcasing native trees and the need for everyone to preserve them because we need them to survive.

He will also share a picture shot in Liwonde National Park, where he is presently unmasking two new QCC initiatives. 

Meghan and Archie are to stay in South Africa while Harry visits Malawi, Botswana, and Angola. 

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