Colin Donnell Who Played Connor Rhodes on 'Chicago Med' Is Replaced by a New Doctor and Fans React

Cynthia Rita
Oct 08, 2019
11:00 P.M.
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Dominic Rains, who was last spotted as Kasius in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, has traded the blue face paint for a stethoscope as he becomes the newest trauma doctor on NBC’s “Chicago Med.” Dr. Crockett Marcel is the new kid in town after Connor’s exit and the fans have a lot to say about that.


When NBC’s medical drama “Chicago Med” returned for its 5th season, the premiere was highly anticipated after the cliffhangers in the season 4 finale. And, boy, was it a doozy. Ava admits to killing Connor’s father and then slits her throat in front of him. After the death of his father and Ava's rather gruesome death right before his eyes, Connor decides he needs a fresh start and bids adieu to the hospital.


While fans were understandably upset with how Ava and Connor’s storylines were wrapped up, showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov explained why they ended the way they did. “We wanted to really give [Ava’s] story closure, absolutely slam the door,” Frolov said in an interview with TV Line. “And it allowed her to take final revenge on [Connor], and also gave him a big reason to leave.”

Enter Dr. Crockett Marcel. who is portrayed by Dominic Rains. Rains was last seen on the small screen as Kasius, the Kree antagonist who featured in the first half of season 5 of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Crockett steps into action in the second episode titled “We’re Lost in the Dark,” where the show picks up almost six weeks after Connor’s departure.


Crockett and Dr. Noah Sexton (who is back, by the way) disagree on whether their patient needs bypass surgery. Marcel eventually gets his way and the patient agrees to have the procedure done. Noah calls out Crockett for pushing hard for the surgery, and some fans agreed with him.@1LadySky2Blu said:

“Dr. Marcel needs to work on his bedside manner, even to his co-workers.”

@Wynton_Mohorn seemed to agree, stating, “Dr. Marcel is reckless with his patients.”

The power goes out in the middle of the surgery but Crockett decides to press on. He gets Noah to scrub in and guides him on what to do. There’s a strained moment where it looks like things are going south, but Crockett and Noah manage to pull through and stabilize the patient. Some fans loved it, while others weren’t impressed.


@ChicagoCFPD commented, “This Dr. Marcel is cool as a cucumber under pressure… But he’s way too chill.” @23Martini seemed tickled by Marcel’s whole demeanor, saying, “Marcel did that on purpose, Noah.”

After they finish the surgery, Noah apologizes to Crockett, who praises him for the work he did in the OR. That pat on the back from Crockett makes Noah realize that he has more to choose from when it comes to his specialty. By the end of the show, Crockett had some fans as well as some skeptics.


“Guys, I have the biggest crush on Dr. Marcel,” tweeted RUZWATER with a heart-eyes and weeping emojis. But @purplerose_dv was of a different opinion. “I think [there]might [be] some shady back story about Dr Marcel,” read the tweet.

While talking to CinemaBlend, Schneider hinted at what’s in store for Dr. Marcel. “He may wind up disrupting some relationships,” he said coyly.



“Chicago Med” is not the only show that left fans feeling shortchanged. “Blue Bloods,” the police procedural drama on CBS, had fans foaming at the mouth after the season 9 finale. The highly anticipated wedding of Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko, affectionately dubbed “Jamko” by fans of the show, was finally taking place.

While different story arcs played out throughout the episode, what everyone wanted to see was Jamko’s big day. The series ended with Frank walking Eddie down the aisle to a beaming Jamie. That was it. No vows. No reception. Zilch.

“I feel cheated! I wanted to see the wedding,” tweeted @cyndisauter. Her sentiments were echoed by many. Season 10 premiered on September 27 and the show had jumped a couple of months into the future, just like “Chicago Med.” Hopefully, fans of both shows can turn their disgruntlement into anticipation for what lies ahead.