Wendy Williams Defends Miley Cyrus Amid Criticism for Moving on Too Fast from Liam Hemsworth

Wendy Williams defends Miley Cyrus against critiques who are slut shaming her for dating multiple people only weeks after her divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

Wendy Williams just gave her opinion on Miley Cyrus' recent relationships, and she is supporting the singer's decision to make the best of her dating life.

Cyrus' single status was confirmed when she was spotted kissing fashion blogger, Kaitlynn Carter in Italy. The pictures surfaced just eight months after marrying her boyfriend of 10 years, Liam Hemsworth. Within days he filed for divorce from Cyrus and she made her relationship with Carter official.

Carter and Cyrus' whirlwind romance lasted for less than a month. Their split was confirmed by sources close to the couple

Just weeks after their split, Miley was seen making out with Australian singer, Cody Simpson. The new couple have not held back on public displays of affection on social media. 

Never one to hold back her opinion on her show, "The Wendy Williams Show," Williams jumped to Cyrus' defense against slut shamers for judging her for dating two people within a few months of her separation, Wendy says:

"A lot of people are slut-shaming her saying, 'How are you bouncing from one person to the other?'… I'm not condoning it, but I do have to say, why not!"

Williams tells the audience that Cyrus' age, her long term relationship with Hemsworth and her sheltered childhood as a former Disney star never gave her the opportunity to embrace life and dating the way she is now, she explains:

"She's only 26 she's got no children. She did live a confined life as a Disney kid and now she's out here having fun. When it's your time to settle down, you settle down good. But, do you for right now."

Williams is also going through a divorce from her husband of over 20 years, Kevin Hunter. She has admitted in interviews that she is fully embracing her life as a single women. She says she is enjoying dating different people. In her commentary about Cyrus she gives some sound advice, saying:

"Just don't catch the HIV… don't get pregnant…" The television host adds, "the only thing she could do a bit differently is … when she goes out with a brand new guy like, Cody, she doesn't have to stand up to kiss and make out. There's a couple things she could pull back on. They can go back to the house and do whatever they want. It was very blatant."

Cody Simpson at the New York Fashion Week musical, "The Blonds x Moulin Rouge!" On September 09, 2019, New York | Source: Getty Images

Cody Simpson at the New York Fashion Week musical, "The Blonds x Moulin Rouge!" On September 09, 2019, New York | Source: Getty Images

Earlier in the week, Miley posted a lengthy note on Twitter criticizing people for slut shaming her. Fellow celebrity, Kendall Jenner came to her defence, saying:

"I feel this! live your life girl."

 In her tweets Cyrus argues that the comments made about her are only reinforcing the double standard that praises men for having multiple partners. It only continues the culture of judging women for doing the same. 

She admits that dating is new to her because she had been with Hemsworth for most of her young adult life. Ultimately Cyrus has chosen to stand her ground and live her life on her terms.

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