October 12, 2019

Meghan Markle Shares Adorable Clip of Her Younger Self to Mark International Day of the Girl

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The Duchess of Sussex has been a longtime advocate of women's rights, and she continued that tradition as the world marked the International Day of the Girl.

The Royal mother shared a clip from her childhood, in which eleven-year-old Meghan spoke out against a sexist advertisement.


The International Day of the Girl is marked annually on October 11. This year's celebration of the global Girl's day did not go unnoticed as the Sussex Royals did an exclusive video clip to commemorate the event.


The global event was set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the girl child, and create awareness about the gender inequality that exists in the world while addressing other limiting factors women are plagued with on their path to excellence.


Meghan Markle shared a video on the sussexroyal official Instagram page, revealing a throwback clip from her youth where she spoke on the benefits of speaking out against wrongdoings.

An eleven-year-old Meghan could be seen in the video, writing on a desk with a pencil. She said:

"If you see something that you don't like or are offended by on television, or any other place, write letters and send them to the right people, and you can really make a difference, not only for yourself, but for other people."



The inspirational clip alternated between the young Meghan, and the grown-up Duchess, while displaying random pictures of girls all over the world, and singing African Children.

After the run of the young Meghan clip, Meghan's voice was heard in the background, giving all the women a heartfelt advice:

"So to each one of you, keep asking questions, keep pushing forward, keep shining brightly. Know your worth and know that we are behind you, every step of the way."


This comes weeks after the royal family went on their South African tour, where the mother of one displayed more of her altruistic nature.

Despite being a nursing mother, the royalty honored her first tour of the country, along with her husband, and son to fulfill her royal duties. Touring Africa with a baby in hand would've been a daunting task for anyone, but not for the Duchess of Sussex.

Duchess of Sussex visits the British High Commissioner's residence to attend an afternoon reception to celebrate the UK and South Africa’s important business and investment relationship | Photo: Getty Images


When questioned about how she made it work, she gave her schedule planners the credit. She said:

"The schedule — they have been very kind to me, because everything is based around Archie's feed times."

Thanks to her dedicated team of experts, the royal mother's African experience was a remarkable, and stress-free one.