Cher Offers to Pay Legal Fees for Wisconsin Security Guard Fired for Repeating N-Word When Telling a Student Not to Say It

After a security guard was fired after asking a student not to use a racial slur against him, singer Cher offers to pay for any legal fees that he might incur in his fight to get his job back. 

A school security guard from Wisconsin was fired earlier this week for telling a student not to use the n-word. After finding out that he was wrongfully fired for doing so, Cher is offering to pay for any lawsuit he might file against the school and the student.

48-year-old Marlon Anderson is a black security guard at a Wisconsin high school, and he was fired for repeating the n-word after he told a student not to use it. The student, who is also black, called Anderson the slur along with a couple of other expletives. 

Hoping to Educate the Kid

According to Anderson, he made the decision to address it because so many of the kids have been starting to use the word. 

"I made a conscious decision to address the word because it is an epidemic. Our kids use it every day. I just don't understand getting fired for trying to defend yourself. As a black man, I have a right not to be called that word."

An Unjust Firing

Before getting fired, Anderson worked for the district for more than a decade. Now, many people have been rallying for him to get his job back, and that includes teachers, students, and even the general public. 

Cher even offered to pay for any legal fees that Anderson may incur if he decides to sue anyone. 

The Disrespect of Using the N-Word

Calling a black person the n-word is blatant disrespect, and it hasn't been taken lightly in many instances. 

Just last year, a white woman was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight after she called one of the flight attendants the n-word. 

No Tolerance for Disrespect

A couple of minutes before takeoff, the passenger called a Southwest Airlines attendant some racial slurs, and there was enough time to kick her off the plane. 

When the attendant asked passengers to prepare for take-off by fastening their seatbelts and putting up their tables, an aggressive lady lost her temper and refused to put up her table. When she was asked to leave the plane, she continued to hurl insults at the attendant. 

Ultimately, law enforcement waited for the lady by the gates. 

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