Daily Joke: Reporter Interviews a Farmer Who Won a Ten-Million-Dollar Lottery

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a farmer who had his luck in winning the ten million dollar lottery and is deciding what to spend it on.

An old farmer who bet in the lottery for years finally had luck on his side and won the ten million dollar lottery.

As he made headlines, one reporter interviewed him in his small home and eagerly asked what he is going to do with all the money. The farmer replied:

“Oh, I reckon the first thing I’ll do is go and pay a few bills.”

The reported answered with a follow-up question: “And what about the rest?” The farmer shrugged then responded:

“Well, I guess they’ll just have to wait.”

In another country, a 95-year-old holocaust survivor named Edith won the $250 million jackpot and was interviewed on a local news station. 

Edith brought her best friend Betty, whom she was with in a concentration camp, with her to the interview. When the reporter asked what she planned to do with all the money she won, Edith replied:

“Well, I’m going to treat me and Betty to a lovely cruise. I’m going to leave most to my loving family. Oh, and of course, a large donation will be made to the German National Socialist Party.”

Both Betty and the reporter were shocked by Edith’s last donation. After a brief silence, Betty asked: “Edith, how could you? Do you not remember the camps?” The 95-year-old replied:

“Of course I do. But without them I would have never got the winning numbers.”

Similarly, an old husband and wife won the lottery. They were simple individuals who never went beyond what they could afford.

After their win, the couple wanted to stay humble and live a simple life as they used to, but as time lapsed, the man wanted to treat his wife with luxurious items -- things she always deserved but couldn’t give her.

He recalled a popular trend, which he read in the news, about milk baths and wanted to give this to her. So he made his way down the dairy farm in his old truck. 

As he pulls up, the farmer greets him and asks what he can do. The man replied:

“Well, you know, I’d been reading about these milk baths these fancy city fold been doing, and I’d like to buy enough milk to treat my wife to one.”

The farmer scratched his head, then asked: “Alright, you want it pasteurized?” The old man said:

“Nah, just give me enough to get up to her knees. She can splash it up from there.”

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