November 03, 2019

Danny DeVito of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Is a Doting Husband & Proud Dad of Three Beautiful Kids

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Hollywood's beloved actor Danny Devito is a devoted husband to his wife Rhea Perlman and a proud father to his three talented kids who have all inherited their parents' creative genes.

Fans best remember Danny Devito from the hit American sitcom "Taxi" and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" for his rich comic performance

Danny is a great actor on-screen and off-screen, he is an amazing father to his kids Lucy, Gracie, and Jake. They were all born from his union with his ex-wife, Rhea Perlman. 

Rhea Pearlman and Danny DeVito attend "Honeymoon In Vegas" Broadway Opening Night. | Source: Getty Images


Rhea and Danny called it quits in 2017, but the duo has not officially divorced as of today. Although they don't live together anymore, they are still close and have a "much better relationship" now that there is no friction between them.

All of their children followed in their footsteps to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. 

Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito and Jake DeVito visit at SiriusXM Studio on April 18, 2016. | Source: Getty Images



Born on March 11, 1983, in New York City, Lucy Devito is the first child of Perlman and Rhea who shares a striking resemblance with her father.

Just like her parents, she is a talented actress in her own right and also a producer.

Lucy DeVito attends the Broadway Opening Night performance of The Roundabout Theatre Company production of 'Time and The Conways'. | Source: Getty Images


Lucy graduated from Brown University in 2005. She is best known for "Leaves of Grass," "Deadbeat," and "Philadelphia."


Unlike her older sister, Grace did not pursue a career in acting but became a producer instead. However, she is also a talented painter. 

Rhea Perlman and her daughter Grace Fan DeVito arrive at the screening of XLrator Media's "CBGB." | Source: Getty Images


In 2006, she made her acting debut with the film "My Girlfriend's Abroad." A year later, she appeared in "Bloom." After an eight years gap, she appeared in "Amboy" in 2015.

Grace, too, shares a resemblance with her father like her sister Lucy does. 



An actor and producer just like his siblings, Jake is best known for his work on "The Better Angels," "Curmudgeons," and "Toms River."

Jake looks like his famous mom Rhea, who is not only an actress but a writer of children's animation book as well. She is the woman behind "Otto Undercover," which is a series of 6 kids' animation books. 

Rhea Pearlman and Danny DeVito with all their kids during the installation ceremony for Danny's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 18, 2011. | Source: Getty Images

Although Danny and Rhea's relationship was shaky, they have managed to find a common ground to live peacefully and always be there for their kids.