Dad Who Doesn't Want to Share Custody of His Four-Year-Old on Halloween Sparks Debate

Joe Akins
Oct 30, 2019
08:00 P.M.
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A post on the Reddit app, about a father of one who plans on hanging out with his daughter on Halloween day, stirs debates amongst the app users.


It takes two to tango; likewise, it takes two to make a baby, but parenthood is another responsibility on its own, and it is left to the brave and thoughtful of all.

A father brushing his daughter's hair.| Photo: Getty Images.

A father brushing his daughter's hair.| Photo: Getty Images.


However, one parent may seem intoxicated with the thought of parenting a child alone, primarily when it deals with separated parents.


Recently, a dad updated on the internet via his Reddit app how parenthood is going with his toddler daughter.

The father revealed how he intends spending quality time with his little princess on Halloween and does not intend sharing the time with his former wife.

The concerned dad stated that he has the day filled with a host of events but that his daughter's mother insists on having her for a few hours.

A little girl dressed for Halloween.| Photo: Getty Images.

A little girl dressed for Halloween.| Photo: Getty Images.

The poster explained how his ex-wife had her turn last year, and all he got were photos of the day; and now that it's his turn to have a Halloween hang out with their daughter, her mother is being intrusive.


Fans were quick to bite into the story, as they tried to give advice based on their perspective on life.

Some detailed how much concern he should have for his daughter's happiness instead of his selfish interest, and they concluded that he should have her make the decision of who she wants to spend her day with.

A father and daughter playing.| Photo: Getty Images.

A father and daughter playing.| Photo: Getty Images.


However, some fans expressed how impossible it is for his four-year-old to make the right decision without being influenced by one of her parents.

They also hinted on the fact that he was responsible for his happiness with his child, and owed nobody any explanation.


The Reddit app allows for different individuals to pour out their thoughts and tell their stories via their posts. Another female poster updated her account with her story.

Laughing Little Girl With her daddy.| Photo: Getty Images.

Laughing Little Girl With her daddy.| Photo: Getty Images.


The 30-year-old mother of one sought the advice of other users concerning her soon-to-be-on custody battle with an absentee father whose affluent family has been responsible for child support bills for about 7years of her daughter's life.

This story sparked debates between those who guaranteed her a lost battle and those who wallowed in empathy of her condition as a single parent.

Another poster wrote about his story as a struggling father who is trying to balance his love for his children from his second marriage and his child from his first.

Father using laptop at home with children watching.| Photo: Getty Images.

Father using laptop at home with children watching.| Photo: Getty Images.


The father of three had quite some audiences who felt he could easily balance the love based on what he perceives as fair to the siblings.

The poster stated concerns about his younger kids being more wealthy and credible than his older son, whom he feels he neglected during his custody fights with his ex-wife.

Some Reddit users explained to the concerned dad that his older son was blaming him more instead of him blaming his mother.

As much as the app entertains many comments and views, it also helps each poster to identity with a solution from the numerous comments.

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