Las Vegas Mom Posts Photos of Her Son Dressed as a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich for Halloween & They Go Viral

A two-year-old Las Vegas resident, Nathan Houston Burch, could be up for the best Halloween ensemble of the year, courtesy of his Popeyes Chicken Sandwich inspired costume, made by his mom.

Halloween is all about creativity, but two Las Vegas residents, Nathan Houston, 2, and his mom, Nidra Cummings, took it up a notch by bringing back a sold-out special from the Louisiana kitchen menu.


The two-year-old and his mom dressed the part, like every other American who was down for a night of trick or treat.

The Las Vegas Nurse, who admittedly spent weeks picking out the ideal costume for her two-year-old, delivered an on-point Sandwich order to the internet on Tuesday.

The creative mom shared a mommy and me picture of herself, and her son Nathan rocking their holiday special, on Instagram, tagging Popeyes Kitchen.

While Nidra was dressed as a chef from the famed kitchen with her apron and tag in place, her son killed the look in his hand-crafted, fried chicken sandwich delight, completed with the Louisiana Kitchen sandwich delivery pack.


The creativity of the mom has wowed internet users so much that the costumed pair was nominated this year's best Halloween outfit by several online platforms. 

A comment on her Instagram post read:

"I think you won Halloween 2019! We included your costumes in our roundup of the best costumes we saw this year."

Other comments gushed on about the outfit's cuteness and how much the pair deserves the big win.


The post, which has been shared over two hundred times, attracted the attention of several news outlets, some of which were eager to host the Las Vegas resident in interview sessions.

The mom granted an interview with Good Morning America, where she spoke explicitly about the brains behind her two-year-old's costume. "The whole Joke is that he always has a snack, and he is a very good eater," she revealed. 

She also told the outlet that she didn't\ mind the extra effort because she was determined to come up with a cool costume that screamed "mommy and me."


Nidra'sNidra's interviewers were curious about the creation process of the limited edition masterpiece, and she was all too pleased to share her expertise.

The costume was made out of two empty boxes of the Popeyes sandwich, attached to Felt fabric from a craft store that gave the sandwich effect. 

For the fillings, she glued cornflakes to the sleeves of a shirt, to give off the crunchy fried chicken appearance. Yummy!

The mother first revealed the Louisiana Kitchen costume combination on October 29, with a photo of the combination and a caption that read:

"The Chicken sandwich is BACK!!!" 

The Popeyes fried chicken sandwich was launched in August, gaining an impressive number of patrons in no time and selling out within two weeks. 

The company announced it'd return on November 3, but with Nathan'sNathan's costume making the rounds, the third day of November must have come early this year!

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